Working it Out

Yesterday's stats:
1434 total calories (I was under calories until I had a banana with my bedtime snack). 
40% of my calories were carbs, 42% were fats and 18% were protein.  I haven't calculated these macronutrients in percentage points so I don't really know how I did.  I will say that I was hungry all day long, so it was very eye opening that I was over calories and I didn't even have dinner because of my odd work schedule, so once I add that in, I will still be over my calories if I am sticking to the idea that I am not active at all and want a 25% deficit of calories. 
Despite not sleeping well, I did still get up at 4:30am to exercise.  Today I decided to dance.  It did help me feel more awake and I realized that, despite not getting enough sleep, the activity in the morning likely made me feel more alert than an extra half hour of sleep would have.  So it was a good physical feedback for my body and brain.  It also made me realize that, if I continue to get some activity in 3-4 days a week, my calorie allowance would go up.  185X15=2775 and a 25% deficit would be 2081 calories per day.  That sounds much more sane for me.  I know for myself, I will not stick to clean eating if it makes me feel hungry all the time.  So one huge motivation for working out is that it will allow me to eat a little more! There are so many other things that would be interesting to track, like fiber, sodium and minerals but for now, less complicated is much better!  If anyone knows of a great app that tracks all kind of stuff without paying a fortune, leave me a comment please!
Getting up early is really mind over matter for me.  I know I will feel tired but once I'm up and moving around its business as usual.  I am not a difficult riser, I am usually out of bed within a minute or two of the alarm going off.  By the time I get dressed I'm usually pretty awake and ready.  I am thinking about yoga again, it appeals to me because there are so many different types, and each one has it own benefits.  There is yoga for deep, slow stretching, Yoga for meditation, and even yoga for strength training.  Plus, I have been saying for years that I need to stretch more, period.  It is kind of a win-win kind of exercise, stretching and strengthening and I always manage to break a sweat.  I just need to test a few out to find the right one for me.  Again, I am open to suggestions in Yoga programs online.  I mostly use YouTube, but am willing to consider paid programs.  Some of the require a lot of kneeling and my knee that was operated on cannot handle a lot of kneeling, there's not a lot of padding left in that knee. For cardio I will mostly be walking, using the stationary bike and dancing.  For now, I am keeping sessions short, about 30 minutes so I can make it work with my morning schedule, but over the summer I can do longer workouts because I won't have kids to wake up and get ready! 
I feel pretty good about my progress so far.  I was pretty hungry about 1 hour after my morning snack again this morning, so I will be altering that a little tomorrow to see if I can get more satiated for longer.  I will try to add one extra serving of cheese.  Baby steps. 
Wednesday is typically the day where the wheels like to start falling off for me, but I think I can push past it.  The only thing that would prevent me from getting up early to do it tomorrow is if I sleep awful a second night in a row.  Other than that, I am ready.  Bring it on!


  1. I like Sparkpeople, my husband uses MyFitnessPal - they both have free versions. good luck!

    1. Thank you for that input! I will check those apps out!


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