Bronchitis Saved Me From Spiralling

I have been without a voice since Friday, and worked through it, despite my throat feeling like it was being sliced by razors every time I was forced to speak.  Yesterday was our big "vision expo" at my work, where we gave out prizes and sold our glasses for ridiculously low prices.  I was required to work nearly 13 hours.  Without a voice.  So I did the best I could, but decided enough was enough, and went to the doc today.  I was relieved when I found out it isn't strep, but I've been unable to eat or drink much due to the extreme pain.  It turns out I have a severe sinus infection and bronchitis-again.  I have begun antibiotics, and should start feeling better shortly.  Today, I took the day off to rest.  It was absolutely necessary.
My diet, since swallowing has been agonizing, has been consisting of a lot of ice cream, and ramen noodles, and oodles of cough drops and over-the-counter drugs.  It's interesting how my "cravings" have all but disappeared since I can't smell or taste.  I think my only fluid intake yesterday was 8oz of water at best, which I forced myself to drink despite wanting to. 
Today at the doctor, my wieght was 158, but I know a lot of that has to be due to me not eating and drinking as normal.  I have been so off track that it should be far more than that.  My blood pressure was still within the normal limits, but a bit high.  While the doctor was upset that I'd taken myself off my meds, he did say the blood pressure was probably elevated due to the infection and pain.  So, he demanded I have my blood work done again in a couple weeks when I'm feeling better, and another appointment to discuss treatment options, if needed, in about a month. 
Immediately something clicked in me.  A bit of fear, mixed with a bit of "I'll show him" and I knew that as soon as I start feeling better, I am going to get back on track, have that stinkin blood work done, and he will see that I am just fine without it.  That is going to require me to be pretty dedicated to my health in the next month, which will be just the push I need.  Since going off my meds, there has been no one to hold me accountable for my health, and I have just been running free and wild, most likely undoing the good work I'd done.  But if there's one thing I have learned about this particular diet, it's that once I get back on it, I start to feel better and my bloodwork comes back to normal levels fairly quickly.  I don't want to be back on meds.  I will be sure to start taking my niacin supplement every night at bed time this month, and together with the clean diet and exercise, I think I can prove that, if I stay on track, my health is just fine.
Today is about rest and recovery.  Tomorrow is the funeral service, which will involve some travel, and I'm sure I will be emotionally and physically exhausted afterword, but then Friday is just a normal 8-5 day at work, and then the glorious weekend will be here.  One day at a time.  I believe I will recover quickly from this virus.  I'm actually looking forward to the way it feels to be eating clean and taking good care of myself.   No matter how far off track I get, I always know the way back.
Hope you are enjoying some wonderful fall weather!  Have a good finish to your week. 


  1. Way to find the silver lining and use it to boost you back on track. I just did my first 5K and most of the reason I even did was because when I mentioned maybe doing it to my boyfriend about 6 months ago, he laughed and said "yeah, right". It made me mad enough to do it and he congratulated me afterwards. You can do it too.

  2. That is awesome!! Others' doubt is a great motivator and proving them wrong, an even greater one. Congrats on your 5K! Not everyone can or will dedicate themselves to doing a 5K, it proves your will and your strength!


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