A Good Week

I have been doing so great with my diet this week, and have done cardio every day except today, despite feeling like I am catching the headcold my kids brought home.  My metabolism is really revved up and I am feeling a lot more energetic from eating clean.  I am starting to see a little bit of normalcy again.  At least, the kind of normal that I have been seeking for a long time.
I did a weight workout only once this week, not enough to warrant me having that huge contraption I call a home gym taking up my dining room, but I will get back to it with the weights too.  My last workout was for chest, shoulders and triceps, and using the home gym really gave me a fantastic workout.  I feel really fortunate to have the equipment.
Today I had quite a triumph.  I was thinking about letting the diet slip a little, to include an off-plan lunch, since my husband will not be eating a cheat meal until late Sunday night.  Then, I came across an ad I tore out of my Oxygen magazine.  It is of Jamie Eason lifting weights with her back to the camera, her shoulder and back muscles look absolutely amazing to me, and the caption reads, "How about some guns to go with that little black dress".  All desire to eat junk dissapated when I saw that photo.  What an inspiration her physique is to me, especially when she is shown in a very muscular pose.  The visual inspiration is not always effective for me, but this one is.  I hung the ad up in my office, to help keep me on track, even when I'm bored and want to eat to pass time.
I will probably reassess my diet soon, to make sure I continue to move forward, as I seem to be stuck in the mid 150's for a long time.  Now that I'm back on track, at least with cardio and diet, I should see things moving in the right direction.  As far as my measurements, my waist continues to shrink, while my lower body and upper arms are staying about the same.  I did actually gain some muscle in my calves, not where I would have needed it, but there it is. 
So, just a quick post to say I am still here, and it has been a good (albeit chaotic) week.  And I feel great being back on track!
Have a great weekend!


  1. You are going to end up looking like a super hero at this rate.

  2. Tony, I would settle for super hero! It beats where I came from. As I see it, any progress is good progress!


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