Woe is Me

Yesterday I found out, via Facebook no less, that my last remaining grandparent is in the process of passing away.  She will be taken off life support tomorrow, and will mark my third grandparent to pass away from heart complications. 
In logic, one would think that fact would be enough to make me straighten up and take care of myself, but in reality, it just the latest in the string of things leading me to comfort/stress eating.  I am not eating bad all day every day, but I find that I reach a breaking point, that one event per day that just sets it off, and then I have some garbage.  I feel like a total mess right now.  My marriage is at a low point, there are continued problems with our daycare situation for our autistic kids, my grandma is passing, my mom's a mess, my car is falling apart and I can't afford to fix it nor get a new one.  The list goes on.  And it makes me wonder how my resolve was so strong when I began this journey.  It isn't like I have more stress now than I did then, just different things to stress about.   The difference is, when I was new to this, I didn't let things get in my way or derail me.  I had such a strong sense of purpose and direction, and was rarely swayed.  I feel so weak in comparison right now.  And I know some of it has to do with my once-greatest supporter being a lot more emotionally available then than he is now, but I have to remind myself that it was ALL ME doing the good stuff, and right now, it is all me doing the bad stuff.  Every last bit of it is a choice.
For now, I am just trying to muddle through this phase, trying to make sense of how I let things (including my self esteem and self worth) slip, and how to avoid it when I make a fresh start.  As always, I am still on this continuum, and not far off the path I was on, I just need a little breather and I'll be right as rain.
Hope you are all fairing well.  Thanks for reading!


  1. So sorry to hear about all of this! Keep believing in yourself! You can't control life, but you can control how you react to it. I know that's easier said than done. But I know you are strong!

  2. Thank you, that means the world to me! I know I'll get back on track, I just need a little time to regroup and stop letting life kick me without kicking back.

  3. Sounds like you are in the wars, as my grandma used to say. Unfortunately life throws these things at us but it is how we reposnd that makes us what we are. You may feel you lack self worth noe and again but we all do sometimes. It will pass. We are thinking of you,keep going.

  4. Thank you Tony. You are so thoughful. It is especially meaningful that you used one of your grandma's sayings. I appreciate your support, even when I am wallowing in apathy.


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