A Good (re)Start

Exactly FOUR pounds of junk left my body yesterday, that is amazing to me.  My husband reminded me that carbs make the body retain water, so when you take them out of the equation, your body has no choice but to flush the excess water out.  Boy, did it ever!
I did a shoulder, chest and tricep workout before work, and despite having the normal amount of caffeine, felt a little sluggish most of the day.  Probably the combo of the weight session and not having any carbs with my breakfast.  I am eating chicken for lunch and lean ground turkey for dinner, and sticking to low fat dairy and nuts for snacks.
It is really interesting what eating clean does to my mind.  I felt taller, thinner, stronger and more in control of whatever came my way, just by being so in control of what I was eating.  And it felt like I was doing the right thing, which made me happier.  Then, when I started to think about when Phase 1 ends (in two weeks) and I start to add good carbs back in, it is going to feel like such a treat.  The hard part for me, will be the weekend, when my family is looking to eat out.  There are plenty of on-plan things I can eat, and my husband is aware that I am going to reign in the diet, so he has agreed to be more conservative as well.  We have decided to go back to one cheat meal per weekend, and for me, I am going to start elliminating the sweet treat that usually follows.  At least with the cheat meal, there is nutritional value, where the sweets are pure junk and can only lead to a mess where my cholesterol is concerned.
So, I continue to learn about my body and my triggers, and in the midst of it all I have learned that nothing is unchangeable, even my messed up mind!  Going back to Phase 1 is reassuring me that I have what it takes to go the distance, no matter how off track things may get.  Life is always going to be complicated, how we chose to handle it shows what we're made of.  I haven't always handled things with grace, but I always fight my way back from a setback.  That means more to me than the times when this was easy; these are the times I will remember and be most proud of when I finally reach my goal.
Enjoy your day!


  1. You need a cheat meal once a week or you lose the will to stick with the plan.


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