Day One (yet again)

I made it through my first day back on South Beach Diet without much trouble.  I did end up feeling (hungry) all day.  Hungry is in parentheses because I am not truly sure if that's what it was all day.  My son had the stomach flu this weekend and was still sick last night, and I have a sympathetic stomach, whenever someone around me is sick I start feeling sick too.  I have been super gassy too, sorry for the TMI moment, but I am not sure if it's from eating all the veg or something else.  
What I did notice is that my stomach felt so much more comfortable not being stuffed full of unnecessary junk.  I could go about 2 1/2 hours between meals and them my stomach was growling.  It is strange to admit how strange it feels to be hungry.  I haven't given my stomach a chance to be this way in so long, is nearly forgotten what it felt like.  I must have been massively bloated- I know I was- because it feels like my stomach deflated.  I am amazed at how much of a difference one day can make!
I will say, this is way harder to do as a vegetarian as it was when I would eat Eggland's Best eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast everyday.  But I'm making things work, I'll just have to get a little more creative.  
I didn't really crave anything in particular today, which isn't typically how my first day of ketogenic diet goes.  Usually the first 2-3 days are torturous until my body detoxes from the sugar, but I think this time my body is just so tired of the abuse that it is going along for the ride without argument.  
I also noticed that, by the time 4PM rolled around, I'd only had 2 caffeinated drinks all day, which is about half what I normally have, and I didn't feel sluggish at all.  And I drank a ton of water, which I've been slacking on over the past year.  
The day was a huge success in that the only time I really craved anything is when a coworker said she was having taco soup for dinner.  I've never heard of it, but I was already so hungry when she said it, that it took a while for me to let it go.  I had a spicy black bean buger over fresh veggies with a dab of vegan flax mayo.  It was way better than I would have thought it was a week ago!  
I think I can make this work.  I need to ditch all the sugar.  A girl I graduated high school with was just talking about her symptoms of what sounds like (to my untrained eye) heart attack warning signs.  It made me worried for her, but it made me realize that some people only get the one chance, not everyone survives a heart attack.  
This blog is not the most exciting thing I've ever written but I just wanted to say, day one went well.  


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