October Used to be my Favorite Month

This week has marked the third round of stomach flu through our house in the month of October.  I am really tired of dealing with other people's bodily fluids and I feel like I want scream at the bleachy smell in my house and the cracked hands from scrubbing my hands like a surgeon and the non-stop hand sanitizer dousing.  I'm sick of worrying and not sleeping well and trying to figure out how to swing things so I can be home and still help at work.  I'm sick of begging favors and sick of feeling slightly sick.  To be fair, I have not caught the stomach stuff yet, knock on wood, but there have been plenty of days when I can only eat a few crackers or peanuts or yogurt, just enough to see if the feeling in my gut is hunger or sickness.  It feels strange to eat carbs, but right now I just need to get my family back on track.  I am coming down with a head cold and I hope it goes quickly.  I'd rather have a cold than stomach stuff any day.  My poor kids have been through their paces this month, I really hope it ends soon.  To put a cherry on top of it all, my car started running bad this week and the engine light is on, so I have to bring it to the shop this weekend.  
That is my sob story.  I just want a span of "normal" days.  I can't focus on a diet when I don't feel good.  
That being said, I haven't gone off the rails, and I could have.  The extra carbs came in the form of candied ginger for my upset stomach and cough drops because I was desperate for relief and couldn't get to the store because my son had to be dropped off at his grandma's house at the last minute, when I was preparing him for school.  There has been candy and cake all around and it doesn't phase me.  So I'm hoping that I can get right back on track once everyone's stomachs settle down.  My own stomach is very sympathetic, if someone around me has an upset stomach, mine feels bad too.  
Anyway, that's why I haven't been blogging.  I have noticed that crossing my legs is getting easier, I can do it with no hands now, something I missed when I gained the weight back.  That's my positive in the midst of a crazy month.   I have to find the silver lining in times like these or I'll go bOnKeRs!  


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