Am I Shredded yet?

Last night I was reminded of my workout every time I switched positions, my muscles reminded me just how hard I worked out, despite not really being "into" Jillian or the lack of modifications.  So it kind of defied logic that at 6am this morning I would find myself slipping it back into the DVD player to give it another go.  To my surprise, it felt more doable today, my muscles didn't complain as much as I expected, and I modified for the ridiculous jumping jacks.  I did high-knee marching in place with jumping jack arms.  That's what I'll call it, I'm sure it's real purdy  to watch too!  But it did the trick.  I guess I gave it a pretty bad rap, it's not a bad DVD, her personality just rubs me wrong.  But I am getting something out of it for sure, I can tell by how my various muscle groups feel, a good kind of sore.  Not sure how many days in a row I'll be able to hang before taking a rest but I'm going to push myself to see.  Then cardio will feel like a breeze.  I may have to take to the treadmill so I can change the grade.  All in good time.  I still like taking walks outside while the weather is this beautiful.  The DVD says that doing it replaces countless hours of cardio but I'll still aim for low-intensity cardio on days I don't do the DVD.  
I haven't had any problems cutting back on carbs, I still eat 1-2 servings of fruit per day but for now I cut out the grains.  I am starting to get sick of eggs a bit, but I'll try to stick it out a little longer before figuring out what to replace them with.  I haven't been able to tell whether or not it's making a difference in how I feel, knee or otherwise, because of my wacky schedule the past couple days.  I was starving all last night while trying to sleep, and after 3 servings of cashews I was still up starving at 1am, so I figured my blood sugar must be low.  I ate a banana and slept like a baby after that.  I will probably have to add a few extra calories and carbs on days I do that workout, it's pretty taxing on the system and it has my metabolism revved up.  
So I think I'm going to give this DVD a fair shot and see how it pans out.  I like the structure of someone telling me what to do, I like that its routine so I can keep up, and I like that it's challenging enough to assure me that good things are happening.  And it's only 20 minutes.  It's an intense 20, but still.  If I can make my body change and get stronger with just 20 minutes a day, why would I kill myself doing it another way?  Seems pretty straight forward to me.  
I'm glad I didn't let my negative judgements keep me from giving this program another shot.  I think it's going to kickstart a whole new fire in me.  


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