Another Monday in the Books

Today was a nice even day, nothing was too crazy or too boring or too anything.  Sometimes that's exactly what I need.  I felt much better physically, which was nice because I didn't start work until noon so I had time to get a few things done and see my kids before work.  
I had been formulating a plan to strength train Mon-Wed-Fri, but when it came time to do it this morning, I just didn't feel like it.  So I dusted off my yoga DVD I bought about 20 years ago and did both 20 munute sessions.  There were a few things that were challenging (ab work was) but I ended up feeling like I need to find a better program.  By the time I was understanding a pose they'd be switching to the next.  So I will seek out a yoga DCD I can do for strength and conditioning.  I was also considering a Jillian Michaels DVD, I have heard a lot of positive feedback on her programs.  Maybe an organized workout would inspire me more than the same tired moves I've been using for years.  
I'm happy to report that my tailbone hurts much less lately.  I noticed during my walk last night that it took far less time to stop hurting once I began walking, and when I was about ten minutes from home, something popped deep in my back and it suddenly felt much freer in my lower back.  Maybe something was just pinched or out of place.  It was nice to get through the day and not have to think about my tailbone!  Hope it lasts!  I will do some more psoas stretches before bed.
I couldn't meditate tonight.  I tried for about ten minutes and just couldn't turn off my mind.  I wasn't thinking about anything heavy or deep, just going through the day's events in my head.  Sometimes it just doesn't happen and I'm ok with that, I still felt relaxed and at peace when I got up.  
Tomorrow I am going to try to get myself up early enough to walk my 3 miles before work instead of saving it for evening.  I want to see how it makes me feel at work.  
I am kind of boring myself with this babbling post so I'll stop here and wish you a good finish to your Monday!


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