Slow Moving

This morning I had to drag myself out of bed and through my day.  It was just a day with low energy, it happens to everyone I suppose.  I did take a walk this morning, more than anything, just to get some blood moving in the hopes it might make me feel more lively.  The birds were chirping so happily that I could only stand to have headphones on for a while before I had to let the peaceful sounds of sunrise fill my ears.  I listened carefully to all the different bird songs and  took in some deep breaths of fresh air.  I felt better for having done it, not because I torched a bunch of calories but because I reconnected with the environment around me.  I was still tired all day and crabby, but that little morning gem was worth every minute.  I snapped a few pictures to remember this street by when we move.  I'll leave 2 here and bid you goodnight!  Hope you all had a great Tuesday!
Turkeys in a field
My favorite tree enveloped in sunlight 


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