Grumpy but still Mindful

Boy was I irritable today!  Not sure where that came from but work was challenging to get through trying to be nice to people when everything irritated me.  Not even the beautiful perfect weather lifted my mood.  But, my tailbone hurt less today so that was a huge victory!  I stretched my psoas muscle this morning before work.  I must just have a really tense psoas!  
Tonight I was feeling wishy-washy about working out.  I was hungry and tired and cranky.  But when I thought about being out there walking with music, sweating and breathing I knew it would make me feel better, so I went.  I went a different way tonight so it was a shorter, 2.5 mile walk but with hills.  I did feel better.  Still kind of crabby, but better physically.  
So tonight I had to pull the whole mind-over-matter trick out of my bag, and it worked.  It's not like I torched hundreds of calories and will get a fitness model physique from cardio, but what it does for my mind is magic.  And it can't hurt my heart either.  I saw a cardiologist say (on the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2) that a half hour of exercise daily can help prevent clogged arteries from getting worse and and hour of exercise daily can REVERSE blockage.  How amazing is that?!  I thought once plaque was there it was a ticking time bomb.  My dad had 5 arteries opened (surgically) less than a year ago heart disease is the main cause of death in my mom's side of the family.  I will never discount cardio for that reason.  
Tonight I am going to get some more psoas stretches done and do some meditation to help improve my mood.  Hopefully I'll be back to my cheerful self in the morning.  


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