Wobbly Tree

Well I am happy to say that my grumpy mood did improve a little on Thursday.  It certainly helped that I was looking at a long weekend, that has a tendency to lift the spirits and create a celebritory feel.  Work was crazy busy which ended up throwing my eating schedule way off, and I actually ate less than usual.  By the time I got home after work, I was trying to think of what to have for dinner and none of the usual stuff sounded good so I made a nice spaghetti dinner with fresh tomatoes and garlic for topping.  We had crusty artisan bread and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  It was a great meal, and felt good to have the family eating together, it's pretty rare in my house.  
Today I was off, my work was closed, which I find odd because we are even opened on Christmas Eve, but I'm not complaining I guess.  I got grocery shopping done, which was like a kamikaze mission on a holiday weekend! By the time I got home and got everything put away, there was 2 hours before my husband would be home from work.  I was trying to get up ambition to do housework or a workout before he got home, and I was just really unmotivated!  I mean, horrifically unmotivated.  At one point I sat on my bed trying to convince myself that I just needed to start and then I'd feel better.  I eventually got off the bed and started doing some squats.  Once the blood got going I was ok, but I still looked forward to being done.  My leg training is still a lot of the stuff they had me doing when I was getting physical therapy after having my knee surgery, but one thing I have been skipping is the very first exercise they showed me, balance.  I was to balance on one foot for 30 seconds.  It sounds easy but I never knew how unsteady I was until I tried it.  I am still not the best at it, I don't practice regularly enough, but today I challenged myself to do tree pose and with the exception of a few bobbles, I did pretty well.  That pose made me very aware of just how many muscles were activated just to keep my balance.  I will keep it in the mix for now.  As I did the rest of my workout, I thought about yoga and how I've heard of people who use it for strength training.  I might check into that, it sounds more enjoyable than lifting weights.  Plus, the added flexibility is a bonus for sure.  
I had Chinese food tonight as yet another family meal.  Being vegetarian it was a pretty boring meal of mixed veggies with rice, probably not worth all the white rice carbs, but we were trying a new restaurant and they didn't have tofu.  Can't win them all!  Tomorrow we are going to a cookout at my mother-in-law's.  She's a good cook, I will try to keep my plate reasonable, but I really need to chill out on the extra junk after that.  I don't want my achy knee issue to come back.  There is still some discomfort in my tailbone, I am stretching my psoas muscle a few times a day, and it seems to help some.  I'll be glad when it is resolved.  It's not funny but maybe a little amusing, every time I start making positive changes and am doing good I end up hurting myself!  It sucks getting old!! Haha. 
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of relaxation and a lot of laughs and memories!  Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate!


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