Almost Didn't Do it (again)

When my alarm went off at 4:50 am, I told myself my legs were still too sore from yesterday's run to workout today, and reset my alarm, intending to go back to sleep.  Then the inner dialogue began.  What was yesterday's run for, if I'm just going to cop out of today's workout?  How am I ever going to exceed mediocracy if I am only in this half way?  Am I really this weak?
I got up, weighed myself like usual, (157, a new low) and did my weight session.  It felt like I hadn't worked my muscles in weeks, it was more challenging than I expected.  I foolishly did it on an empty stomach, but I had to get it done and there were obstacles to overcome.  Anyway, I'm glad I had that little talk with myself this morning.  Even though I am suffering the weak, shakey feeling right now, I know that once I eat a nice breakfast and get some caffeine in me, I am going to feel phenomenal.  And I'm really glad I torched those calories and sped up my metabolism because today at work we have a sales rep who will be with us the entire day, and has insisted on buying us lunch and dinner.  And then, my husband's birthday is tomorrow, so my mother-in-law is taking the whole family out to dinner on Friday night.  I will try to pick something reasonable.  I'm not trying to go crazy and counter any progress I've made this week.
I'm hoping that the desire to workout will return to me someday, but even if it doesn't, I know all I have to do is get started and the rest takes care of itself. 


  1. 4:50am is an extremely early start. No wonder you struggle with that. I assume you have to get up at this time to fit it into your day. I prefer to exercise in the morning but will try and eat half a Grapefruit or a smoothie just to give that energy boost to carry me through.


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