Plateau Princess

Whew!  This week is whirling by, and I can't believe it's nearing the end of May already!  We have only gotten a few days of seasonable weather, the rest of the time it has been rainy, cold and windy.  It is Murphy's Law, I'm sure, that now that my arms look decent enough to wear tank tops, the weather is not going to cooperate.  It only got to 53 degrees today.  Brrr! 
My spirits are up though, so the weather is just a minor nuisance.  I started the week off strong, still holding steady at 158 pounds, nothing too exciting.  I had a great run on Monday morning, and despite being absolutely swamped at work for the entirety of my 10 and 1/2 hour shift, handled the day with ease and had some energy to spare.  Unfortunately, it still really bothers my knee.  I'm afraid my 5K might be the last of my running if the knee doesn't start feeling better.  Going down a flight of stairs is excruciating and I keep feeling like I'm going to pull something.  Bah!  I hate it when my body doesn't do what I want it to.
Yesterday, I did my weight training, and it was another stellar workout.  But my energy level was so low all day, and I had a hard time staying awake at home.  This morning, I had something to take care of, and couldn't get to a workout, though I was only planning on doing some low-intensity cardio.  I couldn't get out for lunch at work, so I just let the day go.  I may do some stretching this evening, just to have done something.  Plus, it really feels good.  Tomorrow I will get back to the weights, trying to tighten things up a bit. 
I am feeling like I have earned myself a new title of Plateau Princess, every few pounds I lose I seem to get stuck on another plateau.  My fitness-guru (read: husband) said it's because the lower your body fat is, the harder it is to lose those stinking pounds.  That's bittersweet now, isn't it?  I'm still not satisfied with how I look, I don't feel finished, so what else can be done but to keep on pressing on?  I will probably take some time this weekend to analyze my diet again and in a couple more weeks, my evenings will be a little more free since I won't be doing homework with my son, which will free up some time for me to get in extra workouts.  I'd like to go back to cardio every morning, then either a second session of cardio or weights at night.  It seems like a lot of work, but I actually enjoy the cardio, and the weight training makes me feel strong, so unless I'm dead tired, it should be fine most days.  I will also be making a stronger effort to workout on the weekends, I've been slacking too long/ much.
I'll be needing a new weight routine soon.  Anyone care to chime in with their favorite moves?
Well, time to get in a little play time with the kids!  Hope you all are having a great week!


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