Do What Others Don't

God save me, I love Kesha's music.  And, while I'm confessing guilty pleasures, I love Britney Spears' new song, "Til the World Ends" and it may the first song of hers that I will listen to willingly.  Kudos to Lady Gaga for bringing dance music back, and for everyone following suit, it sure does make me feel young and energetic again!
Back in the day (ok, way,way back) we ran the clubs.  We weren't just running with the cool crowd, we were the cool crowd; the envy of the rest of the club drones.   I'll save the fascinating details for my next book, but I will say that the music and the club scene gave me a whole bunch of self-esteem that I was lacking my whole life, and I started clubbing (dry clubs, of course) at the age of 14.  When the music came on, I was exactly who I wanted to be, and for four, sweaty hours of dancing, I was on top of the world.  And free. 
So when I hear songs like Kesha's "Blow" it reminds me that I am still free, just in a different way.  Free from a lot of things that brought me down for years, self-neglect and indifference, depression, even being the butt of the joke at times.  There's a line in that song that says simply, "Now we're taking control/ we get what we want/ we do what you don't. "  That's how I feel a lot of the time when people around me are complaining that they don't have the discipline to workout or eat clean.  When I hear "I wish I had the (time,discipline,..enter any exscuse) to do that" I think about that line.  I get what I want because I do what you don't.  There is no magic.  Only so much inspiration and motivation can come from external sources, the majority is up to you.   I don't enjoy getting up before 5am, I rather enjoy sleep, and a lot of days I really don't feel like working out.  But I do it, because I want to acheive what I set out to acheive.  It  makes me think of Biggest Loser when they used to make them wear the T-shirts with their reason for wanting to get fit, everyone has a different driving force.  But it's just a dream until you put the effort in.  How many dreams come true without any effort?  Even a lottery winner has to buy a ticket.  Do what others don't, and you will get what you want.  The fact that I am not only liking Kesha but quoting her may make you question my sanity.  But sometimes you just have to get a little crazy in order to come out on top.
Have an awesome week!


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