Which Ones Shall I Shoes?

This marks my 100th post on this blog, feels kind of special.  I have been on this journey for just short of six months, and there have been plenty of highs and lows, but in the end it's all a high, right? 
My Monday weigh-in has me still sitting under 160, at 159, which feels good considering my resolve has been wavering, and the result has been a much lighter workout load.  I felt it was needed at the time, but I may have been talking myself into taking more of a break than I needed.  Ah, the wonderful hormonal ebb and flow we women go through each month, it plays nasty tricks on our heads; makes us feel that we will most certainly perish should we not chose to eat the freaking brownie before us.  Or for me, this weekend in a moment of desperation (and having no sweets in the house) a handful of raisins.  I also had Pizza on Friday night, it was worth waiting that many weeks for it, it tasted PHENOMENAL!
At any rate, today was productive.  I felt like death-warmed-over this morning after dealing with an over-tired, over-emotional, hour-long-crying-screaming-tantrum-at-bedtime seven year old last night, but then my husband proved his undying love for me by giving me a 200mg caffeine pill he had stashed.  It hadn't kicked in when I began my interval cardi, but about five minutes in, it was already making me feel awesome.  During my cardio, I worked really hard to re-focus my mind on what my goals are.  Sadly, it was the external stuff, the shallow stuff that drove me to get one of the most awesome workouts in this morning.  I felt so good afterword, thinking about how good I will look when I reach my goal, and all the cute clothes I will buy, and for the first time in so long, I felt like I was mentally back to where I needed to be in order to progress.  I am still eating clean, have been all along, but the motivation to exercise was missing for a while.  Think part of the problem was the boot camp, I dreaded even thinking about doing it, so I'd just skip working out altogether.  Not good.  So, that is going to change this week, I will be going back to my previous strength training plan, or maybe rotating all three of my previous workouts by week. 
On my ridiculously long lunch break, I actually had time to go for a walk (and a coworker to cover my department for me) so I got in another 20 minutes of high intensity cardio.  It made the rest of my day breeze by, instead of me hitting the 3pm wall.  I also re-focused my mind on that 5K my company puts on each month, and I think I will sign up for the July 27th run.  It just so happens the girl I was working with runs for mental health, and I asked her to recommend good running shoes that don't cost me an entire paycheck, and she said Sketchers.  Not sure.  Don't most runners (not that I'm calling myself one) chose Aisics?  I know some of my readers are runners, anyone want to chime in on good shoes?  Right now I am wearing a Nike run/walk shoe, but it is ancient. 
Well, my bedtime rituals are about to begin.  No, they don't include heads of chickens or reciting strange phrases, more like a little fat free yogurt and some Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Hope everyone is off to a great week!  Thanks for reading!


  1. I wouldn't call myself a runner, but my husband is. He mostly runs in Aisics. I seriously doubt he would recommend Sketchers. But if you aren't running several miles a day in them, it may be okay. I have New Balances and I don't love them. Also, you are supposed to get new shoes every 300 miles or so. If your shoes are old, chances are you have already walked or ran in them more than that and have broken down the support. If they are causing you any discomfort you should look into new ones.

  2. Thank you for the great info! I'm not trying to be a marathoner, I just run to prove to myself that I can. Wow, my shoes are way over that 300 mile mark! Thanks again for the help!


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