I Guess I CAN Do That

I have been so sleepy in the mornings, that today I slept in a little later than would allow me to do a full muscle workout, so I danced instead, with the idea that I would try to squeeze in my weight work tonight.  And as luck would have it, the stars aligned just right, and I did in fact have time to do my workout tonight.  That, despite my kids running around in the room with me.  It made me feel great, and I bet I'll sleep good tonight too.  Just knowing that I can sometimes get a second workout in renews my enthusiasm a little.  Sometimes it is out of control because the amount of homework my son has varies so wildly by the day, and I am his helper for that.
A couple weeks ago I was having a lot of problems with thinking about (and occassionaly indulging in) foods I wouldn't normally allow myself.  I knew it was partially hormonal, and the stress of learning a new job without any support was making me want to self-soothe with food as well.  I am happy to say that all of those thoughts about food/cravings/longings have dissapated, and I don't really even think about food anymore.  I will still analyze my diet this weekend, I always fall short in the vegetable area, and I need to make a few minor adjustments, as this week's lunch was not top-notch nutrition, despite being "allowed" on the South Beach Diet. 
Today in casual conversation, one of my customers revealed that she'd like to start dieting, but wasn't sure if she could commit, and we ended up having a long conversation about it, which ended in her deciding that she could indeed do it if she set her mind to it.  I felt like a heroine.  And I was especially proud of myself because I didn't try to convince her that my way is the best way, I just applauded her decision to consider her health.  After all, I work in a health clinic.
I got a burst of energy and feel-good-vibes from my workout, and it has me thinking that tomorrow's cardio session may be a run.  I will try to take some ibuprophen before I run, to see if it helps my knee at all.  If my knee ends up as sore as last time, I think I may have to put running on the back burner until I can get it checked out.  That would be a bit depressing for me, but the whole reason I began this journey (or, at least, the most important reason) was for my health, and I am not about to jeapordize that for sake of my silly pride.
The kids are restless and my turkey burger and spinach salad are calling me!  Hope you are all having a fantastic week, and for my American readers, enjoy the Memorial Day/extended weekend!


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