Brain Mush (Can't Wait For Friday)

I am exhausted, and I can't wait for Friday to come!!  The two-a-day workouts would be fine, if I were also getting my calories at regular scheduled intervals.  Lately I have been missing entire meals, which is leading to a calorie deficit, and my energy stores are really low.  It is leading me to a sore throat, which is usually my indicator to take a break or else.  Last time I didn't listen to my body I ended up with bronchitis.
My iPod was out of battery this morning, so I had to walk without.  Boy was that boring!  Plus it was only 55 degrees and the wind was blowing 20+ miles per hour.  I spent the whole time wishing I had worn a sweater and shaking my cold fingers to get blood back in them.  What a strage summer!  Today's walk was low intensity.  I haven't been doing enough low intensity cardio, and I know that I need to in order to burn more fat.  I am really beginning to enjoy my morning cardio sessions, and as crazy as it sounds, I am getting accustomed to waking at such an insane hour to do it.
I ran out of my medicine and didn't take my diuretic last night, so the scale scared me a bit this morning.  I mentioned to my husband that I've been the same weight for a while, and he basically told me that if I was eating the same things for a while now, that I would have to change my diet.  I thought he meant to shock my body.  He meant I need to start to lower my calories.  I told him that if this is all the father I get by doing what I'm doing, then that's where I am supposed to be.  He is still dieting like he's preparing for a contest, almost driving himself insane with the calorie depletion.  I am not going to start changing my diet to reflect something that I will not be able to sustain long-term.  That's why I'm doing this.  Not to lose as much weight as possible so I can look good for a short time and then what?  Part of the reason the South Beach Diet works so well for me is that, for the most part, it is really easy to stick to because I never feel deprived or calorie depleted.  I honestly cannot stick to a diet where I have to be uber-conscious of every calorie, every carb gram, every protein.  I don't want to have to think about any of that.  I simply choose foods from the "approved" foods list and I know I'm fine.  I need to eat now, as I will when I reach my goal, so I will be sure that what I'm doing will continue to work long-term. 
I officially registered for my company's 5k run on June 29.  I think I am ready, even though I don't run very often.  I am going to try to run my 3 miles again this Sunday, and then make sure to run at least once a week until the event.  I think the run will help me to stay more focused on my long-term goals.  I will be looking at getting new running shoes next week, so I have time to break them in beforehand.  Right now, it is the main source of excitement for me.  I may even reward myself for my progress with a cute new workout outfit.
Well, Friday is almost here, thank goodness!  Just sleeping in is such a treat!  Happy end-of-week!


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