Freshen up!

After a week of rest, I have been easing back into my work load carefully by doing morning-only cardio sessions this week.  Now that my body is starting to feel much better, I tried out a new strength plan today.  I am doing it as a circuit and it includes a combo move of twisting hammer curls to Arnold press which makes my arms burn.  When I finished my workout, I looked at my arms in the mirror and they looked really nice!  I am sticking with a total body workout at this point, but I think next time I change things up, I will switch to split workouts, working only one or two body parts per session. 
As I have noticed in the past, the strength training has not only made me feel good physically, but mentally also.  This month's issue of Oxygen really helped to re-inspire me, with articles about staying on track mentally by imagining yourself fit, and an always a helpful article by Jamie Eason about keeping things fresh to keep tricking your body into growth.  I knew I really had to freshen up my stale strength training, so today was about getting back on track, not that I was off really, just not that focused lately.  It is amazing how something so simple as a change in workout can bring your fitness goal back into the forefront.  Just exhausting a new set of muscles reminds you that your body is changing, every new ache telling you something big is happening.  It is a recharge that was much needed for me, as I have been stagnent for a while now, and seem to always have a "sticking point" down around the bottom half of a ten pound range.  I haven't been posting my weigh-in's lately, as I used to do on Mondays, because I have been staying around the same for so long.  I think I started the week out at 155 and was there for most of the week, but today I was 153 due to taking some benadryl at bedtime, which tends to dry my out a bit.  I am quite sure I have seasonal allergies which are leading to sinus congestion/headaches.
Now that my mind is back on track, I will focus on setting small monthly or weekly goals again.  My 5K is in 5 days, my goal before that point, is to drink at least a gallon of water a day, to make sure I am properly hydrated for the event.  My monthly measurements are just a few days after that, it will be interesting to see if I am still losing fat despite the scale being stagnant.  If nothing else, this has been a pretty interesting, and very rewarding experience. 
Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a great weekend!


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