Tranquil Morning

I am getting used to waking up at 4:50 am, I even woke a few minutes before my alarm today, feeling really well rested and refreshed.  It was nice to not have to drag myself out of bed, or try to talk myself out of going back to sleep, which I think about doing way more than I actually do it. 
My kids wanted to go to the gym with my husband last night, so I had a full hour and a half to get in a great weight training session and a 10 minute cool-down walk.  I felt really good afterword, and I think it accounts for why I feel so rested today.  I am happy to report that the same workout I've been doing for too long now is still effective, I still get sore from it.  I will be changing my weight training at some point this weekend, though, I really need to freshen things up.
This morning I did about 25 minutes of interval cardio, most of it moderate to high intensity, with a long cool-down.  The sunrise was bright pink this morning, cast against some light grey clouds and a bit of fog, it was really tranquil and beautiful, and the temperature was just perfect.  For a moment I thought about the snow, and it's inevitable return, and to my surprise, it wasn't as depressing as I suspected it would be, I just thought of it like any other challenge, there's always a way to get through it with my sanity, I just have to find the key.
One of my kids got a free pedometer from school yesterday and I put it on just for fun.  I will wear it all day, to see how many steps I take, just out of curiosity.  I am already over 3,000 just from my morning cardio.  I plan on doing some more cardio after work, as today is the last day of school for my kids and there won't be any homework, hallelujah!  Time to turn up the heat on this thing and see how I can do by the end of summer.  It would be nice if I hit my goal before the snow falls, then I will be in maintainence mode, and won't have to do two-a-days. 
I've decided in my "free time" to teach myself French, just for fun.  I've always loved the sound of the language but it has been a complete mystery to me.  So, for today I will say, a bientot!  Au revoir! (and if it applies to you, bon appetit!) Have a great day everyone!


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