Learning Experience

I've been MIA for a bit, laying low and resting, and it has been a learning experience.  It took my body most of the week to feel healed from my intense, overtrained state I was in the preceding week, and I could tell that the break was necessary.  It makes me wonder just what I can handle without sending myself into overtrain state.  I am still learning about my body.  It's the first time in my life that I've been this active for this long.  Well, except for childhood.
I have been keeping my diet fairly clean, but there have been a few off-track moments that accompanied the week of rest.  It made me realize how well the clean eating and exercise really play off each other.  When I workout in the morning, I don't have any trouble staying on track with my eating, but if I am "resting" it is an easier transition (in my delusional mind) to have something I wouldn't normally eat on a training day.  It doesn't help that we have had so many "special events" on the weekends lately, weddings, family outings, road trips.  This past weekend we had a special lunch with my father-in-law, at an authentic Mexican restaurant.  I had a gigantic chicken and bell pepper burrito and I ate some chips and salsa beside.  Then yesterday, in celbration of Father's Day, my mother-in-law had a cook-out so I ate a burger and some potatoes, and finished with a piece of her award-winning cheesecake.  I found the cheesecake to be way too rich and sickeningly sweet, but finished my piece out of respect.  In the past, I would have thought it wasn't sweet enough, it's funny how much better I can taste things now that I've been eating so clean.  It's good that it happened that way, or I might have been left with cravings.  I don't like the way all that less-than-clean (and much higher-carb) food is making my body feel, even today.  I am retaining so much water and I just feel heavy, like just walking is a struggle.  My body will hopefully elliminate that extra water early in the week so I can start feeling like myself again.
On Saturday, my husband proved his love for me by buying me a Rockstar Recovery energy drink, which I drank right away in the morning.  It made me feel so good, that I figured I might as well make use of that energy boost and get out for a little cardio before breakfast.  As soon as I started walking, I realized that there was less than 2 weeks until my 5K, so I decided to run.  It was a bit awkward because my clothes are fitting so loose that I had to keep adjusting them every few steps, but once I got a good sweat going, things went a little smoother.  I did my 3 miles in about 32 minutes, then walked another 20 minutes for a cool-down.  It made me feel good to know that I could do it, even after a full week of rest, and having only have run a handful of times.  My knee really felt horrible for the following 2 days, so I really have to make the 5k the last time I run for any extended period of time.
This morning my quads and hams were still sore from the run on Saturday so I did some interval walking outside.  It actually helped my legs feel better to walk.  I think that if I have learned anything from my previous mistakes, I am going to start listening to my body more, instead of trying to force my way through tough spots.  I am learning that there is a difference between challenging myself and exhausting myself, and there needs to be a lot more balance.  I can always do low-intensity cardio and stretching when I am over-stressed or still sore from a workout.  I have come to realize that my body is not ready to be going full speed all the time.  Time to let go of  the antiquated "no pain, no gain" mentality.  I need to stop looking to my body builder husband as an example, he has been doing high-intensity, high-stress training for years, and his body can handle that, but mine can't. 
So for this week, I am going to focus on being on-point with my eating, make sure I get in at least two weight sessions, and the rest of the days cycle my cardio between high and low intensities, and most importantly, listen to my body.  Thank goodness we don't have any special events planned this weekend, so I will probably just have one, less crazy cheat meal on the weekend, and get everything back to where it needs to be.  My weight dipped down to 153 this week, a new low, but this morning I was back up to 156.  As always, a work in progress!  Have a good week everyone!


  1. A friend of mine ran the London marathon with a work colleague a few years ago. The colleague had a slight knee twinge which never really bothered her but trying to run 26 miles it soon became a massive problem and she couldn't carry on. I suffer with my knee as well and never run for more than 3 miles.

  2. You're doin' "GREAT," considering...all the stresses/"temptations," of the every day! *The "last" time, I remember...153 on my scale, was like 9 years+ ago...before I was pregnant, w/ #1! 130+...when we used to go to the gym together, "forever ago...?!?!" *STILL, have those #s in my head. Can "still" 'member, when I could SQUEEZE, into a SIZE 5. (When, I 'felt' like...'ME!') Realistically, (now) I KNOW..."that," will never BE...again; but, the #s help in some small way, to aim TOWARD...something. ;) :) *As I'd work...when I'm ready. "Thanks, for ALL of your 'insight'/ EXPERIENCE!" ...& NO, you must not COMPARE, yourself (thoughts/experiences) to your husband; though, I know...he HAS, HELPED you...in "many" ways...on your JOURNEY! 0;) <3

  3. Tony: Welcome back, I hope you had a great vacation! It does seem a brutal thing to do to one's knees. It's hard to know when to ignore it and when to press on. Sorry for the colleague that the gamble didn't pay off, but I can understand the mindset of wanting to conquer something that not everyone can pull off. For me, I am content to just keep short runs in my cardio regimen for an occassional high intensity boost.

    Bittersweet: I honestly don't think I've ever worn a size 5, so at least you have that to brag about! You shouldn't sell yourself short, if you can't dream it, it already cannot be done. Exercise and weight loss with clean diet are black and white, if you put the work in, you will get results, and there is no reason you can't be that size again if it is what you really want. You're right about not trying to keep up with Garrett. Everybody's journey will be different, depending on what their body can handle. I know when you are ready, you are going to kill it!


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