Eye Candy on Tuesday?

Between a roaring metabolism and too much caffeine, last night's sleep left much to be desired.  But still I got up at 4:50am and laced up my shoes.  I probably should have done an upper body workout instead, but my entire lower body is still sore from Sunday's workout, and I didn't want my entire body to be sore the rest of the week.  I am working on stretching out my legs to help with the soreness/stiffness.  At any rate, I did some interval cardio this morning, walking at easy/moderate intervals.  There are times when I have difficulty walking slower, so as to benefit from the fat burn, because the music really amps me up.  I guess if I put more effort and thought into it, I would have different playlists for different intensity levels.  Might be a weekend project.
It was chilly this morning, for June, I could actually see my breath and needed a sweatshirt to be comfortable.  The sky is such an awesome color of purple that time of morning, unfortunately it doesn't translate well on photo, so you'll have to take my word for it.  As I was walking, in my husband's bulky sweatshirt, my eyes baggy and swollen, hair pulled back in a headband, I was woken from my zombie-like state by a car passing.  The man driving looked me up and down and smiled really wide like I was giving him some sort of eye candy.  It's been a while since I've gotten that reaction.  I took a quick survey of the way I perceived myself to look and laughed out loud and thought, this is what turns you on, ese? (he was Mexican).  Mexican men have always been among the only ones to find me attractive.  Must be a cultural thing, due to my healthy birthing hips.  It did make me smile as I considered the absurdity.  Then, near the end of my walk, he drove past for another look.  This time his entire head was turned the way you see guys do in movies, right before they crash their car.  Again, I laughed out loud.  This oversized sweatshirt hanging nearly to my knees, left everything to the imagination, what could this guy be checking out about me?  Maybe he likes my fancy new iPhone cover?  Maybe my glasses-strangers sometimes stop me to ask where I got them.  I just laughed it off and finished my walk strong.  And I was nice and awake.  Until I got to work.  Repeat cycle, consume copius amounts of caffeine.  Will stop before 2pm this time.  I truly do enjoy sleep, and that weight workout can't be put off forever!
Looking forward to a posible date night with my husband this weekend.  He is suggesting sushi.  Just one of the reasons I fell in love with him. :)
Oh, and because he looks like this:
That's my husband, Garrett in a shoot he did with photographer Mark Jenkins in San Francisco last month.  Now that's some real eye candy!
Happy Tuesday, and welcome to my new readers/members!


  1. "Ahahaha..." you are TOO funny! I CAN just hear you, laughing out loud, to yourself!!! "Ese," hahahahahaha... My eyes, are really tired, after an afternoon @ the pool; but, THAT entry woke me up! ;p *Felt like I was right there, on that walk with you...Like the old days. ;D Thanks, for that! *Been thinkin' 'bout ya... ;) :)


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