Monday is usually a day that has me feeling quite positive.  It is a fresh start, a chance to put the weekend and all her dark secrets behind me and get back to the serious business at hand.  But today I am not feeling my normal, Monday-makes-me-feel-good self. 
It started with my new alarm app not working this morning.  I only downloaded it because the absurd iPhone doesn't allow you to set your alarm to your songs from your iTunes library.  Hmmph!  It's probably just as well, my older son had so much trouble sleeping last night, that my own sleep was very interrupted.  I woke in time to get ready without rushing, and definitely put that extra sleep to good use, considering I did a killer leg workout yesterday.  Between the 5K training and the bum knee (caused by running), it has been months since I've trained legs.  The burn felt good, but I could tell how weak the muscles have gotten.  Atrophy is evil! 
I spent a good deal of time cleaning/moving furniture in my apartment this weekend.  For some reason, I find it hard to turn my focus inward, when my environment is in such disarray.  And I'm not one of those people who calls my place messy because there is a stack of mail on the counter top or a few dishes in the sink, my situation was more like, please don't let the neighbors call the hoarders hotline on me!  So, a new, cozier space is now in place, despite my kids' best efforts to mess it all back up, and it feels like I can breathe easier and focus more attention on my internal beasts that need to be relocated. 
I feel like I did really well with food this weekend.  I didn't see much of my husband, as he was forced to work all weekend, and had a photo shoot after work yesterday.  Because he had a shoot this weekend, and it was shirtless, he didn't have a cheat meal on Friday, and neither did I.  In fact, the kids and I fell asleep early on Friday and I went to bed without my final snack (low-fat string cheese).  Instead of a full-blown cheat meal, I had a few special treats over the weekend, some watermelon, some french fries and a doughnut.  The rest of what I ate was clean, and I kept myself busy enough to not bother with junk food.  And now that I look back on it I am noticing, my kids didn't bug me for junk either.  Hmmm, maybe my uber-fit husband is the bad influence!  His diet is so strict 98% of the time, that when he does have a cheat meal or two, he really goes all-out.  In fact, eating out is our form of family entertainment!  But he wasn't around much this weekend, so I stuck to a healthier diet than usual.  Hmmm, too soon to say if that was my own willpower taking hold or the lack of his bad influence.  More research needed!
I'm still trying to figure out my protein sources, so many things still make me cringe.  For now, I'm back to lean turkey for turkey burgers or turkey meatballs with whole grain pasta.  I've been giving more thought to the whole inflammation thing, but haven't done enough research into it to consider it an option at this point.  Anyone have any personal experience with an anti-inflammatory diet?  I don't think it's too terribly different than the South Beach, other than the grains, but I don't know anyone who's tried it.  I think, no matter what you believe, that is the thing that works.  I believe South Beach is the bomb, so I believe it blindly.  I have gotten shockingly amazing results from the bloodwork while on SBD, so I stick to it.  It's great for the heart, but I worry about cancer too.  It runs pretty rampant in my family. 
Well itchy sun-alergy rash and gigantic swollen spider bite abound!  The weekend is over and I'm starting the new week on the right foot.  The left one will follow shortly behind I hope.
Have a great start to the new week!


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