How 'Bout Some Guns?

I have been talking about this ad for some time now, and could never find the photo to share, but now that I have an iPhone, I just took a photo of it.  I feel bad for posting it without permission, but Jamie Eason's physique, and particularily this photo, inspires me so much, and whenever I look at it before or during a workout, I have a really strong mind-muscle connection.  If nothing else, I am advertising for free of charge!
So I have decided that I am going to workout this weekend, and it's going to be good!  I miss that feeling of strong muscles supporting my body.  And it makes me feel good for days after. 
The storms have moved in, and people are rushing about in a hurry.  Me?  It's Friday night and I get done with work in 45 minutes, I plan on hunkering down for a little R & R with my family tonight. 
Happy weekend readers! 


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