On the Upslide

This morning as I got to work, I saw a lady who taught me a valuable lesson without saying a word to me.  I work in a health clinic, and being that I work in the lowest level, I only have ten stairs to climb to get to my floor.  In total there are 4 floors, with 50 stairs total.  I don't judge anyone for taking the elvator, because I don't know anyone's story. The lady, as she stood waiting for the elevator to open, didn't say hello or look at me as I made my way toward the stairs, but by a quick glance, it looked like she was uncomfortable somewhere in her lower body.  Her back was arched in such a way that it seemed she was trying to take the weight off her knees or hips (or quads?) and her midwestern-typical belly protruded considerably.  When the elevator opened and she got in, she hid way in a back corner, made a split second of eye contact with me, and then quickly turned her head floorward in shame.  She looked so sad.  I am guessing she is in her late-50's.  I had a really sinking feeling, watching her disappear behind heavy metal doors that would deliver her to an unknown floor.  I don't know her story, there are a whole heap of people who work here that I've never met.  And I don't judge.  She could have some horrible affliction.  And maybe she thinks it's too late to change anything.  And maybe it is too late.  I won't speculate on her situation, but I could tell she was ashamed and she looked miserable.  I felt like if she could muster up the courage, her message to me would be, take care of your health now, before it's too late.  And even if that wouldn't be her message, that is what I took away from my thirty seconds I spent in her presence this morning.  Everyone has the chance to feel better, and everyone deserves it.  I will be 51 by the time my youngest graduates high school, I don't want to be so stiff/sore/fat/ that I can't keep up with him.  My boys are already so active and physical, I want to encourage them to stay active, but if my body's too worn-out to lead by example, I will feel like a hypocrite.  HIPPOcrite, rather.
I have been on-track with my diet all week, despite many temptations and a few incidences of having to think on my feet.  Yesterday a sales rep brought in a catered lunch, subs from one of my favorite shops, but everything was on blasted white buns.  Don't get me wrong, they taste devine, and they are one of my favorite things to eat.  It really took a strong resolve for me to pass them up.  I opted for two pickle spears and a bottle of water to accompany my lean, grilled turkey burger and cucumber that I'd prepared for my lunch.  I felt really proud of myself.  Then last night after dinner I had an intense urge to eat more.  This nasty sensation seems to creep up for me on Wednesdays whenever I'm eating clean, there must be a biological reason.  At any rate, I ate an apple for dessert, to try and calm the urge to cram food into me.  It helped for a bit, but the feeling returned.  I tried to fight it with mental power for a while, before I came up with a fool-proof solution, a minty-sweet (sugar-free of course) peice of gum.  Doesn't sound too thrilling, but it worked like a charm.  I chewed it until my bedtime, and I didn't even think about food while I was chewing it.  Chalk one up for the fat lady!  It's having the persistence to keep trying little tricks that will get us all the way to the place we need to be.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!
Happy Thursday readers!  Hope you are reaching your goals one triumph at a time!


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