A Little Pebble

I certainly don't want to jinx anything, but I think my son is finally getting better.  Aside from some stuffy noses, my family is snapping back.  
It was an interesting weekend.  Friday night, when I was done with work, I headed out to my mother-in-law's house to meet up with my husband and sons.  There was an entire kitchen full of food, and miscellaneous piles of candy all over.  Step-nieces and nephews all happily playing and shouting happily, all sugared up!  I ate some macaroni and cheese, a few chips and some fresh veggies.  It happened to also be my step-sister-in-law's birthday so there was a DQ ice cream cake, and I had a slice.  I told myself it was a special treat for the occasion.  It was OK, nothing to write home about.  But letting myself have freedoms like that usually ends up being a slippery slope, and knowing that, I opted to have a salad when I got home.  It has been a while since I've had one , and it tasted good.  And I felt good knowing I was making a positive, proactive choice.  
Saturday I woke up with vertigo again ( stuffy ears mess me up) and had to get my car to the shop for an estimate.  It was a challenge, at least the repair shop is ot a couple blocks away.  I walked back home and rested.  I ate pretty normal, on track except for 2 rollo candies and a Starburst.  When evening hit and I still didn't have my car, we made the impromptu decision to order pizza.  I ate a little past satisfied, because ther was one piece of feta spinach bread left and I just knew it wasn't going to taste good reheated.  I knew I was justifying and that it is like treating my body like a trash bin, but it tasted good.  
All on track eating today, and the medicine I took to help clear my ears gave me Wonder Woman energy so I got the garage cleaned out.  It was a ton of lifting, bending and walking, but it was so gratifying to have it done.  We got rid of 4 bikes, a scooter, and a heap of seldom-used toys.  I almost ended up going out to dinner tonight, but one of my sons didn't feel like going out, so I stayed home and ate my normal meals and snacks, and it didn't bother me at all.  I'm happy to be feeling well enough to eat my normal foods again.
I got a Pebble on Friday, sponsored through my work.  It is basically a fancy pedometer that talks to my computer in order to track my steps.  I can set goals and something called adventures. I have to explore the capabilities and settings better, but it seems pretty cool.  And because I am goal-oriented I think it will help keep me more active.  I'll see how long the novelty lasts.  If the weather is nice, I may walk to work tomorrow because my car is still in the shop.  It is a 2.9 mile walk according to Mapquest.  I used to run more than that so I am not stressed out about it unless the weather stinks, then I'll catch a cab.  
So this is where I am right now, coming out of the darkness of stomach-hell-week and starting to feel good.  I'm thinking ahead to cold winter nights with nothing going on and imagining myself working up a sweat at the treadmill.  And may I'll get around to checking out that new gym I joined.  All in due time.  


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