Some Days Just Overwhelm all my Senses

Today was a day full of real or suggested emotion as I finished reading the book "Body Outlaws". There are so many mixed signals going through my head right now about body image and self respect and diets and society.  My mind was swimming, I ate junk food unapologetically and it made me feel bloated and AWEFUL as I tried to figure out why I was doing it.  I tried to meditate on it tonight and my eyes, ears and brain are so overstimulated and irritable I couldn't get anywhere.  My mediation only brought up real thoughts about my responsibilities and vague images of my mom as a broken victim of her aweful childhood.  I don't linger in meditation, either I will be successful early into it, or it feels forced and not genuine.  
I am developing a whopping headache from tired eyes and ears, so I'll leave you with two pictures.  The first is the cover of the book I read, I highly recommend it to anyone who has or does struggle with body image.  The second is a body image Mad Libs from the book, a few questions to jot down for yourself, and tomorrow I'll post the mad lib. 
If anything, I know today has taught me a lesson, I just haven't discovered what that is just yet.  
Hope you are taking life in stride and riding out the waves as they come.


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