Rocking the Specs

I work in a health clinic that prides itself on giving outstanding customer service.  These little cards are a way that customers can reach out and let us know they liked our service.  I grant you, it's a little cheesy, especially when employees from other departments give me one, kind of feels like an obligation, even though it's not.  At any rate, I like to hear from the customers, it is my most valuable measure that I am doing a good job.  
This one is particularly meaningful because of the last line "I look great!"  The woman who wrote this card out came to me in glasses that do not flatter her.  She is a heavy gal, probably 60-80 pounds overweight, and the glasses she had on really drew attention to how round her face is, and how heavy a brow line she has.  Part of my job as an optician is to recognize how the shape, color and design of a certain frame highlights certain parts of my customers' facial features, and help to find the perfect frame that suits the look the customer  is going for while highlighting their positive features and downplaying the features they are not fond of.  This gal had low self esteem, in part, perhaps, due to being overweight.  She seemed overwhelmed by all the frame choices and when I asked if I could suggest a few styles, she looked at my bold Cateye frames and nervously agreed to let me chose a few for her.  I had so much fun showing her how a simple change in shape and style could make her look flirty, hip and still feminine.  She was really easy to talk to, we talked for nearly a half hour after the sale was done, and she confided in me that this was the first time she was excited to get glasses, and could hardly wait for them to come in.  This all took place despite the fact that we don't take her insurance.  And she paid a lot for these new glasses.  
I have told by many of my customers that I chose frames for them that they never would have chosen themselves, and most of them follow by telling me how many compliments they've gotten on them.  I love that I can do this for people. It is really rewarding.  
But this one feels more rewarding.  Maybe I am unfairly assuming that she has low self-esteem just because she is overweight, but after talking to her for a while, I don't think I'm far off the mark.  What is important is not that others compliment her (though I will admit it feels good when it happens) what truly matters is how she feels in those glasses.  It's not just the glasses that look good, she looks good.  And not just good, but great!  That is priceless!!! I may not love my job some days, but being a part of making someone feel good about their look when so much around us conspires against us feeling good about our looks, that is the greatest reward one could ask for!  When I got this card I silently said to myself, yes!  Go look great, girl!  But I wanted to run down the streets shouting, "she looks great!  She feels great!! I did that!"  
Well at least one more person feels like a rockstar out there.  My work here is done!


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