Hunger Pangs

It has only been one day since I cut back on the carbs, and the hunger pangs are more noticeable already.  This morning I woke up with my stomach growling, which is not really very normal for me.  I noticed that something about that sensation makes me a little uncomfortable, almost sad.  There is a trigger in me that wants to immediately fix it, to eat something, anything quick and handy to make the discomfort go away.  I don't like "sitting with" my hunger one bit.  For some reason, it makes me feel hollow in a melancholy way.  During the day, I never let that feeling go very long before eating something.  Yes, there is a physical discomfort but I think for me the mental discomfort is greater.  Perhaps because I grew up in a less-than- well-off household where sometimes we had to make due with "bread cereal" or not having seconds when I wanted them.  I have been consciously aware of my feelings of "not enough" for some time now.  When I would get a bag of candy to share with the kids and I would take more than I wanted so that they wouldn't eat it all up and I wouldn't have some later.  When I would cheat on a diet and instead of just having "some" of whatever I was eating, I would have to eat the whole thing because there was not enough time to be eating this way because I was going to go back to being "good".  Even with money, I was always the one to snap up overtime and extra shifts to earn a little more, even if I had some stashed away. 
I did eventually get around to eating breakfast, at the normal time to keep my schedule somewhat normalized, and it made me feel pretty good.  In general, I feel pretty good today.  My shoulder/neck/back/wrist etc is feeling less painful and more just a bruised-sore kind of hurt.  Much more tolerable.  I was yawning and sighing a lot this morning, but my dog decided to wake me up early (4:15 ugh) and it took me a bit to fall back asleep.  I can say that I really don't notice the difference that adding the estrogen-simulator vitamin makes-yet.  I am hopeful that it will eventually give me a little boost. 
My diet this week, if anyone's interested:
Breakfast: a new recipe for 1 minute keto muffins.  4 ingredients: 1 egg, 2 teaspoons of coconut flour, a pinch of baking soda and a pinch of salt.  Microwave in a greased ramekin or other dish for 1 minute.  It is spongy but can take on any flavor.  I have tried it with cream cheese and regular shredded cheese so far, I plan on trying it with peanut butter, with blueberries ( I would omit the salt and sub a little stevia), cinnamon flavored one, maybe even a coffee one.  They keep me satisfied a full 3 hours too. 
Lunch is a salad, power greens with grape tomatoes, feta and boiled eggs with a little ranch dressing.  It is very satisfying and I'm getting some good greens in. 
Dinner is a veggie burger on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and pickles.  I gave up the grains and don't really miss them, this is a good meal. 
Snacks are Cashews, light Greek yogurt, and cheese before bed. 
There are a few more recipes I might try next week, or I might just keep things simple and keep rocking what I'm doing, but for now I feel pretty good.  I can't credit that to anything in particular so I am not going to make a big statement here, but I am going to just stick with it and see if I can find out if it's the carbs affecting me or not. 
Hope things are going smooth for anyone reading this.  Happy Wednesday!


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