Word to the Wise

Today as I was browsing Facebook while eating breakfast, I came across this post from Geneen Roth.  I was just going to skim it because I saw a clip of the Oprah interview and I honestly was a little annoyed by what seemed like some odd tension from Oprah in the clip, maybe that's just her style, but to me it seemed like she was sort of brushing off Geneen which seems really ungracious of her as a host.  Anyway, I read what Geneen wrote about eating and addiction and it was something I really needed to see right now because I've been in a bit of a funk.  Maybe I have been eating lower carb, eating more fats less sugars, maybe getting some protein and veggies in there once in a while, but I haven't been eating foods that make me feel vibrant and bright and light.  I will definately be chewing on this today. I think the post speaks for itself and hopefully gets the gears turning.  It sure woke me up.  Here's the post, I will leave it without further commentary.  Have a great day!


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