Weekend Gifts

My day trip to the island was fantastic!  An cloudless, impossibly blue sky amplified the blooming green of plant life all around.  The water, although barely above freezing, was such an amazing shade of teal it looked tropical.

It's still off-season, so there was not a lot of business taking place.  We were able to eat at one of our favorite restaurants on the island and we visited a lavender farm with a gift shop, to get a gift for my mother-in-law.  We also visited Stavkirke, a handmade wooden church that honors the island's Scandinavian heritage.  If only for the amazing architecture and hand work alone, it is humbling to be in that space, but it affected me in other ways too, especially since I've learned that my blood is 40% Scandinavian.
At one point, I bathed in the red glow of sunlight filtering through a stained glass window and tried to imagine immigrating to this place, this island that feels so magical to me.
It was cold and windy, but the sun was magnificent, and as luck would have it, we ended up catching an early ferry back to the mainland in time to have dinner at familiar place on the peninsula.  It was a wonderful day and I'm glad we decided to do it.  I do always get a sad feeling when we're leaving the island, but it's only about an hour drive plus a half hour ferry ride away, so we could go whenever we want.
My stomach isn't loving me today after two meals "out" and a few drinks after returning home, but today has been very good/productive/inspirational even.
I haven't been focusing much on reading about compulsive or emotional eating lately, assuming that I have a good idea of what to do, but while scrolling through Facebook this morning I saw a post from Geneen Roth with a link to the Oprah Super Soul Sunday they did together.  Since it is a slow-paced Sunday I took the time to watch the entire show, it is 40 minutes or so.  I am so very glad I watched it and I will probably watch it again and take notes.  I know, much of what she talks about is from her book, "Women Food and God" but she had updated and revised some information.  I will post the link near the end.  If you love Geneen and her message and especially if you are not familiar with her, I think anyone at any place they are in can benefit from seeing this show.  There is also a little short segment at the end where they talk about an experiment someone did to show what others are really thinking about you versus what you are thinking about yourself.  All in all, I think it was a really powerful way to start my day, and it motivates me to revisit Geneen's teachings which have helped me both to find peace with food and examine beliefs I gained early in life that are still affecting me today.  The guilty, shameful little parts of me that I would rather smother in food than try to expose it, accept it as a part of me, and find a way to love it.
I will be working on more of these lessons and re-reading her books.  Even though I feel like I have a good start to a healing path, I still feel like her lessons are helpful and uplifting.
Here is the link to the show: Geneen Roth  I hope you get a chance to watch it, and I hope it moves you, inspires you or at very least, interests or entertains you.  The more exposure I have to these topics, the more it helps me focus my attention internally, and directs the focus away from external things that I cannot change but somehow allow myself to be swept away by my emotions over anyway.
So I think I can say this was a very rewarding weekend.  I got some great rejuvenating energy both mentally and physically.  I think I'm ready for my week ahead!


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