Now Eye Get it!

My lower carb diet lasted exactly 4 days, and not surprisingly, I didn't notice a huge difference in how I feel.  To be fair, except for Saturdays when I go off the rails after grocery shopping, I don't really eat a carb-heavy diet so giving up the couple servings of grains didn't seem to make a whole heap of difference.  That being said, 4 days is not enough to judge much of anything by. 
I also have not noticed much difference in taking the estrogen-mimicing vitamins, but I will keep taking it just in case. 
The one thing that has helped me at least feel a little better is I started using eye drops for my eyes, first thing when I wake up and then again during the day.  Wow, do my eyes feel better, which makes me feel less tired.  I'm glad I tried it and I will continue to use the drops.  I have also been applying a warm washcloth to my eyes when I remember, and massaging my lids.  Did you know the parts of your eye that release tears and moisture can get clogged with oil and debris and that makes your eye produce less tears?  I feel like that is what's been going on the past few days.  The tricks I am doing certainly help but if it doesn't start to feel better soon I'll have it checked out.  Everything is blooming around my city and even in my front yard, I may have a little allergy issue.
This week I am pretty much eating the same things, keto muffins for breakfast, this time with pizza sauce and melted cheese, yum!  Salad for lunch, nuts and yogurt for snacks and veggie burger without bun for dinner.  I have subsituted a bagel for breakfast when needed, as sometimes the prep and clean up time make the muffins take longer than a bagel.  I am considering getting up earlier to make my mornings go smoother and have time for some cardio, but the kids only have about 3 weeks of school left, then I'll have an extra hour in my morning without having to get up earlier.  For now, the thought of getting up earlier isn't wildly appealing!  Is it ever?
This weekend my husband and I are going out of town for an overnight trip to Minneapolis to visit the Shriners hospital.  I am looking forward to it, and have made ammends with the fact that my eating will be different and unpredictable.  I'm OK with that.  We are going to have a great time and the kids get to spend time with their grandma, which they love to do, so it's a nice break for all of us.  Maybe that's another reason I'm not super picky about my diet this week, if I have a bagel here or there (or a tuna wrap and fries when celebrating my husband's birthday with his dad last night) not a big deal.  Events happen and I refuse to let food run my life to the point where that's all I'm focusing on because I'm afraid I will gain a pound or look fat because I didn't get the salad.  There is a time and place for discipline but there's also a time and place for loosening the reigns. 
So that's my current state of things.  I have a lot to try and get done before we leave on Friday morning, but it's for something fun! 
So no great inspirational message or take away here, just ready for some springtime fun, and happy to be feeling slightly better! 
Happy Wednesday!


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