Owning my Power

Big, awesome, successful weekend over here and so little of what I mean has anything to do with food.
Late last week, say around Thursday or so, I started having the most wonderful feelings of peace and joy and I really could only contribute it to the weather.  It was in the high 60's, finally sunny, the trees are the most brilliant shade of green they seem like they are almost glowing, there's smells of bonfires and grills, birds are singing so happily, and when driving down the tree-lined streets of Green Bay, the buds falling off the trees just feel magical.  How could anyone be in a bad mood on a day/days like that?  I'm sure it's possible, but I am feeling really good mentally lately and it's a welcome change! 
I got my kids out and about a little this weekend, had some really great things happen during meditation, tarot and dreams, alot of messages I am receiving lately are about owning my power and using it to heal.  I feel like I am at a great turning point in my life in multiple areas and that might be part of my positive feelings.  It feels like, after fighting against the universe, maybe the universe and I are finally starting to align.  That is vague and new-agey but it's hard to put into words.  I have been noticing that just being outside, especially with the weather being so great lately, not only lightens my mood, but puts me in a natural meditative state where my mind is open and thoughts flow freely.  It is all very therapuedic and lifts my spirits. 
Thinking ahead to goals; I am inspired by two of my friends who have quit addictions cold turkey recently.  I got fired up over the weekend, thinking I was going to give up soda cold turkey and then slowly ween myself off all other forms of caffeine.  By the time I was leaving for work this morning it dawned on me what I was doing, I was putting off working on the big stuff (proper diet and exercise) by focusing on the smaller stuff as a distraction.  Yes, soda has a bunch of negative side-effects to it, but my lack of exercise and poor nutrition are more important.  I do use diet soda as a crutch, especially when I am eating low carb, and it something I want to give up at some point, but my priorities have to be right. 
One of the things I really need to get a handle on is my tightening piriformis muscle that makes my glutes tighten up and makes my hips lock/pop/hurt and pulls on my knees.  It makes walking painful.  I have known for a few years that my glutes are weak (my hips too) and it seems to be coming to a head right now.  I know I need to nip that in the bud because I am planning on getting morning walks in this summer (which technically starts in about 2 weeks when the kids are done with school).  I have been doing some stretching and strengthening of that area, but I still wake up tight every morning.  I am considering building myself a solid schedule for the summer break, complete with skin and sinus care, cardio, stretching, strengthening and meditation.  If I can make it habit over the summer, it will be easier to make it a priority when fall comes around.  I hope. 
So that's my weekend and coming out the other side.  I feel like I am so heavy and less mobile from letting things go a little wacky lately and I am looking forward to pulling it back together.  My positive mindset will help, and looking forward to getting a great schedule going is making me excited too because I do so love routine! 
Hope you had a great weekend.  Now back to work everyone, we've so got this!


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