Running to Catch Up

Last night on my way home from work, everything was abuzz with an incoming severe thunderstorm in my area.  Thankfully, it was little more than some heavy rain and strong wind in my neighborhood, and it let up just in time for me to take my dog for a nice 40 minute walk before the next wave of thunder rolled in.  Boy was it pretty out in the time we were walking; the sun was trying to shine but there were dark clouds all around, dotted with patches of brilliant blue sky showing through and yes, rainbows.  There was a light sprinkling from time to time and the birds were chirping like crazy.  All the living things looked so vibrant and smelled so fresh and earthy.  It was quite an enjoyable way to get those steps in, even if it was extremely humid.  That's not to say that my body wasn't feeling it.  We were walking at a pace that is just shy of jogging for me and my butt muscles were like, what the actual F lady?!  By the time we got home my dog and I were hot sweaty (panting) messes and man did that feel great!  I looked at my pedometer and it said nearly 12,500 steps for the day.  Then I looked at my week and came to a sudden realization that I only have through the end of Saturday to get 71,000 steps in!  So for the rest of the days until them I will have to get 12,500 steps!  Yikes! 
I am going to try and make that happen by walking my dog in the morning (which I did this morning) and if my husband walks him at night I will either go for a walk on my own or put some time in on the bike.  I can also make sure I sit less at work, walk around and straighten things and dust and what not, or take the long way to the parking garage, etc.  I don't think it will be impossible.  Plus, the 28 miles a week is just my own goal.  I already know I will complete the work challenge of 14 miles a week so I will get the points either way.  Still, a challenge does motivate me.  It's something I will have to remind myself of when I need it in the future. 
Today I am feeling the tightness in my glutes a lot from the walking.  I did some stretching and foam roller this morning but if this persists all summer I will have to see a chiropractor to make sure it's not a problem with a disc in my back.  This did sort of come on after I fell in spring.  I will keep working to strengthen the muscles too, which is probably more likely the cause.  I feel like I am so weak compared to what I once was.  I knew that would happen with age, especially since I haven't done anything to prevent it, but I didn't think it would be this sudden or this annoying!  I am persistent though, so I will keep trying whatever tricks and tips I can find!
I did find, after my morning walk, I felt more awake and eating what I had planned was not a problem.  My appetite is ridiculous when I am eating clean, now that I'm getting a little more active I will have to be more diligent about eating before I get to the ravenous stage.  My hunger signals are not that noticeable until I am uncomfortably hungry so I'll have to stick to a schedule.  I'm not great at doing things that way but that will help ensure I don't do things out of hunger insanity! 
From Huffington Post, National Donut Day
Sorry for the potential trigger.  Nothing with that much food coloring tastes as good as we think it will, am I right?
So with my little waft of inspiration via my workplace (which is really just a challenge I could have initiated myself in all honesty) I am back in the game.  I am shooting for a great physical exam and bloodwork this year.  I will be turning 45 at the end of the year and time is truly of the essence.  While I do believe it's never too late to start or retry and there are unlimited chances at fixing things and making things better, I am not oblivious to the fact that it gets much, much harder during and after menopause.  So instead of the negative feeling that I have to do this now or I'll be in big trouble, I am going to look at it as my chance to

Have a great day every one of you!  Shine on!


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