What Obstacle?

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows that I absolutely hate winter/snow.  So, when spring and summer come around I try not to complain because at least it's not snowing.  But boy oh boy, if there were ever good cause to complain, the thick, humid, mosquito-packed air in my area lately has been a little much to live with.  It really zaps my energy and makes it hard to sleep even.  Yes, we have an air conditioner, but it is a window unit and loud as all get out, so we use it very sparingly. 
It also makes me not want to work out at all.  When I woke at 5am this morning it was 67 degrees and 98% humidity.  Yes, it began raining shortly after but the air was so heavy.  I had time to work out but I didn't.  I may be able to get some steps in at work or do some light strength training in my work area, or I may do that butt-kicking yoga session I tried over the weekend.  My sciatica/piriformis was really bugging me this morning so walking was out of the question, and the bike has been irritating my knees a little.  Not to the point that I can't do it, but I notice the difference.  My darn luck, trying to push myself so hard ended up tearing my knee cartiledge so now I have to be much more careful.  Ironic really.  If anything it just teaches me that sometimes in life things do go as planned; you can give up or find a different way.  Speedbump averted.  I will step around and find a different path.  The bike, so far, doesn't seem to be making much difference in the way my lower half feels, so I may choose to do more stretching and strength training until that starts resolving/feeling better.
I have been noticing, now that it's not winter anymore, my husband has been taking the dog out in the evenings.  It is nice, but I am falling short of 10,000 steps a day consistenly now.  I typically end up somewhere in the 8,000's without that extra trip out with the dog.  I wanted to track how many steps I am getting each day and set a goal to improve it.  For now, if I get 10,000 steps a day I feel I am doing at least the recommended amount.  It's hard when my glutes are tight and painful, and especially when that turns into sciatic nerve irritation like this morning, but as I said before, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
The eating cleaner is going fairly easy.  I did figure out last night, one of the things that triggers me into wanting to eat higher fat stuff (think potato chips or melty-cheesy nachos).  When I eat clean I am hungry more often and boy do I dislike that feeling.  When I'm eating crap, I rarely let myself get hungry before eating again, but when I'm eating cleaner, I naturally end up faced with that sensation several times a day.  By the time I get home at night and need to eat, I am so sick of feeling that hungry sensation that I just want to eat something that will satiate me for longer.  Now that I know it's a trigger, hopefully I can avoid caving to it.  I do try to always have small snacks available (nuts and nut butter, cheese, yogurt) just in case I can't wait one more minute.  Those times are really rare.  I have to remind myself not to panic when I am hungry, it is temporary and I will eat again soon.  I don't know what I overreact to it, must harken back to being young and feeling like there was never enough, like I always wanted too much.  It was good to figure out that little mind glitch for myself, it may be one of the main reasons I "fall off"when I am on a good roll.  I'm an old goat but I'm still learning! 


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