Summer's not Over yet

The weekend had its ups and downs, as most do, but overall I feel a bit better after.  My mom, if nothing else, is starting to feel a little stronger and not likes she's going to melt away with lack of energy.  That made me feel good to hear, but we are still waiting for a bunch of different results. 
This was one of those rare weekends where I didn't have anything major planned, no church, no outings, my husband was working so we didn't go off on any roadtrips.  I had time to indulge in watching and reading things that motivate me and help me learn, feel and grow.  I watched some episodes of My 600 Pound Life because I love to see that point where they decide they are just going to dig in and start kicking butt, it's really inspiring.  No matter if someone has sugery or not, they still have to put a mess of work into it in order to get those results. I read more of Brain Over Binge Recovery workbook and I have gotten some things written down on that.  I haven't gotten too deeply into the how to fix it part yet, but it's holding my interest so I should have more to say about that as time goes. 
I got a bunch of house cleaning done too, being active made me feel better and I actually got to 10,000 steps by evening time last night, which is less common on a day off work than a day on.  I rearranged my living room furniture and it feels more spacious and somehow fresher and airy now, so I am loving that feeling. 
I am also on the cusp of my Monthly starting and I can tell the hormones that made me super irritable and tired over the past few days are finally switching and I feel better. 
Last night and this morning my dog sweet-talked me into taking him for a walk outside the complex.  I am usually so lazy that I just don't allow it.  We walked a bunch before we went off-property but the weather is just so nice right now I didn't put up too big of a fight.  After I got inside from his morning outing, I already had 3,000+ steps in. I noticed that things that felt a little stiff or painful when I started walking, did feel better at the end of the walk, despite my assumption that it would be the opposite.  So I am learning to push through some things because life doesn't always have to be easy, right?  The reward was less pain. 
I have decided I am going to try and work on a few things this month. 

1. The 30 day yoga challenge with Adrienne. Day 1 click here  I am commiting to doing this challenge.  That means I will make time for it every day for the next month, either before or after work. 
2. Personal hygiene things.  I have been getting a little lax about my dental ritual in the morning, and have stopped using my tongue scraper altogether lately.  I plan to get back on track with that, and some other small habits such as exfoliating my face. 
3. I am still on track with my water drinking challenge, and it turns out I drink more than a gallon of water nearly every day and I'm not forcing myself to drink any more that what feels normal to me.  The challenge goes through the 3rd week in June.
4. Taking smaller bites of food and chewing it more times.  When is the last time you analyzed what's going on in your mouth after you take a bite?  I was shocked to realize how big of bites I take and how big of chunks I swallow.  Chewing more takes more effort but it's better for digestion.  Plus, I don't feel like I could choke at any given moment.  So I am trying to change that habit by being more aware of it when I eat.  It also makes me focus on my mouth instead of all kinds of other thoughts shooting around, or to Facebook.

That's probably enough to try to focus on at one time.  I did do the Day 1 of the yoga challenge this morning and I have to tell you, I felt pretty darn good afterword.  There is a little core strengthening involved and I did pretty good despite my seemingly weak abs.  I am interested to see how my ability changes over 30 days.  I do like this instructor and it's fantastic that the lessons are free.  This feels accomplishable.  I like that I get some strength training, balance, core work and flexibility all rolled into one.  I think I saw that she has a 170 day challenge too, something I will keep in mind for the future if I can make a habit of yoga.  I am a total newbie to it so I don't know what to expect, but this instructor does a good job of showing modifications if you are at a beginning stage.
One thing that really inspired me over the weekend when one of the people on an episode of My 600 Pound Life started going to a personal trainer and the trainer got into her head and said, "This is not going to be a cakewalk.  Not everything in life is going to come easy." That spoke to me.  Yes, I have a million excuses but I am healthy enough to challenge myself so that eventually better health will be my reward.  Life isn't meant to be a cakewalk, if everything was easy we would never have growth and pride in doing something tough.  I'm so glad I had some down time to indulge in things that inspire me and gave me a little spark to do something before summer is over and I feel like I've missed it again. 


  1. The yoga challenge sounds great...for beginners too! When you first mentioned it my thought was ‘eh I have no hope’. But later I was like ...hmmmm

    It sounds like you had a perfect day at home...- little restful but also productive! Yay!!

    And great job on your water intake!!

    1. Thanks MaryFran. The yoga is something that has challenging bits mixed in with stretches that feel so good on my stiff body. It is the workout equivelant of sneaking vegetables into a kids' favorite unhealhty meal.


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