Taking it to the Mat

So today was day 5 of the 30 day yoga challenge on Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel.  Yesterday and today were shorter workouts, and that's OK, there's a mix of shorter 12-20 minute videos and 30 minute ones.  I have to say, I am liking the challenge.  I know at this point feeling like I am getting stronger, having better balance and seeing my arms tone up a little is probably more psychological than physical, but whatever it is, I feel good doing yoga and I do have a slight soreness every morning when I wake up, which is my body telling me that I did something that will make it grow in positive ways.  Yoga is very low impact so for me I do think it is sustainable, and the real reward right now is that I don't have some of my usual stiffness/aches that I have come to accept as a normal part of aging.  We do a lot of Downward Facing Dog poses, and I have done them before, maybe not with correct form, now it is making me realize tightness in my shoulders that I never knew was there because I don't typically move in that manner on a daily basis.  The yoga is helping to make things move easier and that is a true blessing! 
The cherry on top is that I feel so good that it is boosting my mood too!  What a relief it is to walk across the room without that nagging irritation in my hip joint and it has not escaped me how lucky I am that the piriformis of last summer is definitely a thing of the past.  Good Riddance to all of that!  I rather like feeling good, thank you very much!  I can really see how people can get hooked on yoga.  This challenge that I am doing is for all levels, so I don't have to worry about them doing headstands and whatnot, and even if they did, she always gives modifications for those who can't quite fold themselves completely in half and such!
So, as a reward for sticking to my goal for an entire week, and because I think I am going to end up sticking to yoga as my main form of exercise, I am going to purchase a yoga mat for myself this weekend.  Trying to hold a pose when your hands are slipping on the carpet is not a very zen way to do yoga! I will be all geared up and ready for what comes next!
Short and sweet post.  Hope everyone's having a fantastic Friday and weekend!


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