The Fridays Just Keep Coming

Happy Halloween Lovlies!
My lack of blogging last week was due to a busy week at work and yet another bout of fall sickness.  This time my sinus infection came back with a vengence, and caused a tooth and jaw ache so horrible I thought I had an absessed tooth.  Thank goodness it was just the sinuses.  I began a new type of antibiotic on Thursday, and started to feel my face deflate a little last night.  Whew!  Between my kids' ear infections and my sinuses, I am wondering if there's an end in sight!
Despite being sick, I had a pretty good week.  I ate on-plan all week until Friday.  That has been my story for a few months now.  Friday comes and I get into celebration mode.  And "Friday" lasts all weekend long.  By the time yesterday came around, and I took my quasi-sick kids to yet another Halloween function, I was starting to feel low about myself.  As we watched other kids playing in the state-of-the-art aquatic center and vowed to come to swim next weekend, I imagined I would look much like a beached whale in my swimsuit.  Oh if I could drown myself in apathy and chocolate!  I ate a lot of chocolate this weekend, not limiting myself in the least.  I gobbled down pumpkin seeds until my tongue was sore from cracking them.  I ate McDonalds (including ice cream) and we had a family dinner on Saturday at our favorite restaurant.  And though the Ahi tuna wrap is pretty clean, I had plenty of salty, greasy chips and salsa and some fries beside. My indifference to my diet left me feeling kind of emotionally strung-out by the end of the weekend.  And like always, I justified it by saying I would get right back on track on Monday.  And I always do, but the yo-yoing is so unhealthy. 
I think I will try to pull things back and stay more in control on the weekends, at first giving myself one day, be it Friday or Saturday, to be a little wild with my diet, and then eventually reigning it back in to one meal per week.  My body certainly doesn't need all those excess calories, and if I keep ingesting them, I will need to get my "fat clothes" back out of storage.  How sad is it that I haven't gotten rid of them yet?  It shows a lack of belief in myself.  I think I will donate them this weekend, it will be a strong, healthy thing to do.
Today as I was doing my longer-than-normal interval cardio session, an idea popped into my head, something to keep me on track and give me a goal to work towards.  I want to be in a size 12 jeans by next summer.  I am currently in size 16 in most brands, so that's just two more sizes to go, it is a reasonable and obtainable goal in that amount of time.  Thanks again to my friend Tony for the suggestion.  His advice is always on point.
Still no news from the college as to if I am accepted for the January term yet, it has me on pins and needles.  I am simultaneously nervous and excited for my journey to begin.  If (or, more appropriately, when) I am accepted, I will have access to a really nice gym and pool.  Whether or not I will have time to use them are another story! 
Well, I am assuming it will be another busy week that will pass quickly.  Here's hoping you have a safe Halloween and a great week!


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