Today I got back a little of what I've lost along the way, inspiration.  It came by way of this month's issue of Oxygen magazine.  It might just be me, because I need this right now, but it seems like they targeted all the issues I needed to read about and be reinspired by this month.  There was even an article in it about how easy it is to slip into indulgence mode, and justify in a multitude of ways.  For me, lately, I have noticed that I have the mindset that I can just eat a little something naughty by justifying, I'll just eat this now, and get back on track on Monday (or, after I recover from my cold, from this recent stress, from my period...etc).  Putting off focusing on my health is just a convenient way of saying I'm too lazy or too self-indulgent to deal with it right now.  I'll get on top of it later.  Always later.  So yesterday as I was considering whether or not to have a handful (or more likely a bowlful) of my kids' cereal, I thought, I always say I'll change things later.  Maybe now is my "later".  And I decided I will never get stronger, never get back to where I was if I keep being so easy on myself and continue eating so mindlessly.  So I skipped the unneccesary calories and fat and busied myself helping the kids with their homework.  The desire to have said sugar subsided nearly instantly.
One of the short articles in Oxygen this month is about mantras, and how powerful they can be.  As I was reading through the mag and looking at all the great figures, something warm and uplifting returned to me as I remembered my mantra: I've got more in me.  And all the feelings of strength and triumph returned to me.  It wasn't magic, but it was certainly magical.  Those five little words make me feel like I can move mountains.  I have said them to myself when I want to skip a workout, and they have given me the drive to get out of bed and get that 5am workout out of the way.  I have said them when I my muscles are fatigued and I think I can't squeeze out one more rep, and somehow they gave me power I didn't know I had.  I even said them when I was running my 5K and every part of me wanted to quit, muscles aching, joints begging for me to throw in the towel; and those words filled me with pride that made me push on to completion.  I am not the choices I have made in weakness, I am the choices I have made in moments of greatness.  And I may have forgotten this in the past, but I know it now, I am unstoppable!


  1. I loved this post. What a great idea. I need to figure a mantra of my own. That's for the inspiration.


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