Results Quite Possibly Typical

I have lost 2 pounds since restarting on Monday, and I am starting to realize that, unlike other diets I have tried, my results are very reliable, if not typical on this diet.  Not to mention, when I am on the ketogenic stage, I feel FANTASTIC!  Not sure why that is.  I would expect to be void of energy due to a lower amount of carbs, but the opposite is true.  What's more, I don't have nearly as many aches and pains, and I sleep like a baby.  It is a stange phenomena, but one I'm glad I discovered. 
Today we are in the midst of an Indian Summer, with daytime temperatures hitting nearly 80 degrees.  The leaves are all a magnificent yellow-orange, the sun golden against the most impossibly blue sky.  If only every day could be like this!  To sweeten my already great mood, I have an extra optician in my office today, so I was able to take an hour long lunch break and get out in that gorgeous fall weather to crank out an extra cardio session.  I worked harder than I have in a good long time, and when I was done, I felt ready to conquer the world!  No 3PM slump for me.
My goals for this two week keto phase have nothing to do with the numbers on the scale, but to come out with sparkling clean bloodwork so I can continue staying off cholesterol and blood pressure meds.  Once I get through October (I'm trying not to even think about the bags and bags of candy my kids will have in the house) I can start to shift my focus back to the more shallow business of physique and the numbers on the silly scale.  For now, I am happy knowing I am back on track and healing my body.


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