If you Fail to Plan...

With my refire on the SBD, my metabolism is so revved up that I can hardly keep my tank full.  My belly is constantly growling.  Usually an once of peanuts helps with that, but I still have to be careful with peanuts because they taste so good that I want to keep eating them.  As far as crunchy,salty snacks go, I pretty much only eat peanuts.  Anyway, as funny as it sounds, it is great to be feeling hungry, because that means I am eating clean and my metabolism is responding accordingly.
This morning I was set to do a weight session, when I realized my kids had misplaced the key for the weight stack.  So I improvised and did some intense interval cardio.  I will be able to do that weight session after work, and I will have much more energy to do it, considering all the protein and good fats I've had today.  I am actually looking forward to it.
I almost let stupidity take over this morning.  I had a lot to do after work last night, and it has been a busy week with working long hours on Monday and parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday.  Anyway, I decided last night, that instead of cooking my lunch for today, I would spend some extra time with my kids, and prepare my lunch this morning.  I'm sure you can guess, I didn't feel like cooking it this morning either, and I procrastinated and procrastinated while I readied my kids for school and got myself ready.  I was trying to come up with acceptable, convenient alternatives, but since I am on Phase 1, I couldn't.  The thought to just have one meal off plan crossed my mind for an ever-so-brief moment.  Then I remembered one of my favorite quotes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  And I stopped to ask myself if what I really wanted was to fail, and that was really effective for me.  No, my intention was not to fail, but to be lazy and have a lunch that may have consisted of high carb, high cholesterol garbage was just another way of saying what I was planning to do, out of sheer laziness.  Needless to say, I went ahead and made my lunch with plenty of time to spare.  And it was so satisfying.  And I know my stomach will be growling again soon, signalling that the clean food I've eaten is being well-used by my body.
So it would seem, the best way for me to stay on track is to hold myself accountable, by not sugar-coating or down playing what I am considering doing to my diet/health.  "Just a little bit", "just once", "no one will know but me", these things all mean I'm not holding myself accountable.  I'm all for a cheat meal from time to time, but it should be planned or it can too easily lead to a slippery slope of indulgence and slackness.  And that is something I have learned, firsthand. 
Today the scale said 154, a number I haven't seen in a month or two, so I know I am heading down the right road.  Due to an upcoming photo shoot, my husband won't be eating a cheat meal this weekend, so I have to decide if I even want to "go there" at this point.  I may just get my kids something cool and enjoy a Diet Coke instead.  I really want this blood work to come out good.  The health of my kidneys and liver depends on it, because I know they want tol stick me back on those poisons they call medicine.  I don't want to give them a reason to even consider it.  For now, I am really happy that I don't have any cravings.  For just this little while, this is back to being easier than I expected.  And that is a victory any way you slice it!
Happy Thursday!


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