The Magic of Weight Loss

I am still having a mental aversion to lifting weights.  It irritates me slightly, because I have a great home gym now and can do so much I haven't been able to do for the past year.  But every time I say I'm going to lift, I end up copping out and doing cardio instead.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to come home on my lunch break and get in a weight session.  I skipped it.  This morning I had planned on doing a weight session, and was being wishy-washy about it when my husband asked, "When's the last time you did a weight workout?"  I answered him with a laugh.  He said, "Seems to me, there's your answer."  So I finally did it.  And wouldn't you know, the first set of chest presses felt so good, I was happy I was doing it. 
It reminds me of when I was really on track, and someone asked me how I get motivated and how I have the energy to get up at 5am to work out.  "Energy begets energy" I told her, and today reminded me of that.  Of course I was tired when I woke up, and having to do my weight session right upon waking is more difficult than when I wasn't working and could get a meal in and leisurly do my weight session at 9am or later, once the kids were off to school.  But once I began my workout, that's when I felt awake.  The blood pumping into the muscle is such an amazing feeling of vitality!  The output of energy, the increased blood flow, the exchange of oxygen, and pushing myself harder than I have in a couple weeks made me feel awake, more flexible, stronger and most importantly, so happy.  It is amazing what a weight session does for my mood!  It's such a strange phenomena, that my mind wants to get in the way of doing something that makes me feel this good, I have just gotten in the bad habit of not demanding more of myself.  When I feel so groggy and want to skip a workout or just do cardio instead, I need to remind myself that my silly little interval cardio isn't what keeps my energy and metabolism revved up all day, and isn't what is going to give me the lean, muscular body I have always wanted.  And if remembering that doesn't work, I will remember my own advice; energy begets energy.  And I might add, using strength builds strength, internally and externally.  There is your magic.
Have a great day everyone!  Thanks for reading.


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