A Buzz and a *Sigh*

Yesterday, a huge chunk of my stress broke off the iceberg and sank into the deep waters.  Today is the huge, welcome sigh that follows.  I am dripping of caffeine, drunk on it's giddy-mood-making wholesomeness, and looking forward to all the inspiring things I have lined up for next year. 
I am turning 39 in one week, and I still feel 25, thanks to  turning my health around.  And pleasantly enough, most people I meet, think that I am in my twenties yet.  I will admit that losing weight has added wrinkles to my previously-flawless face, but that is such a small price to pay for my health.  Taking back my health means I will live to see my kids grow into fine young men, and have families of their own.  It means I will someday reach retirement age, and be able to travel and see the world, and have the energy to go anywhere and do anything I want to.  It means I will have a lot less chance of being stricken with cancer or heart disease, or even osteoperosis.  It means I will be able to enjoy life, not just in the future, but in the short term.  I always knew I was smart, but getting healthy has been a down right genius thing to do for myself!  So, wrinkles are a really decent trade-off if you ask me.
I am really starting to get excited at the prospect of running the Celcom 5k in May.  I realize it doesn't take 5 months to train for a 5k, but I have some kinks to work out of my system.  Namely, making sure my posture is correct so I don't end up with knee and hip pain like I did last time I decided to run.  Unlike last time, I will use a 5K training plan as a guide, run more consistently, and be consistent with strength training to help ease the load on my knees.  My finishing the first one was bittersweet; I was so proud I finished, and ran the whole thing, but I was disappointed in my 46 minute finish time.  So I will put more research and effort into training for this one.  I will get a chip to wear so I will know my time, anything faster than 46 min will make me proud!  This morning I ran a mile, and did it in about 10 minutes.  Some of the training plans I am finding are recommending training in intervals, and pushing yourself a little harder than I do.  It will be another test of what I am made of, and I am interested to see.  It has gotten me so excited that I want to run every morning.  That wouldn't be so smart at this time, since the only way I can do it without knee pain is on an incline, which makes my quads, hams and glutes quite stiff/sore for a few days after running.  I wanted to see how my knee would handle a mile of straight running, as opposed to the one minute intervals I have been doing recently.  So far, really good.  Tomorrow will be a low intensity day, but on Saturday I may either try to run 2 miles or run 1 minute intervals, but push myself harder.  Seeing what I can do is a novelty to me, and it's really getting me fired up!
Then again, it could just be the caffeine.
Hope you got a charge out of your day!


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