What to Do With These Arms?

With my Year Two resolutions clearly in my mind, I have been spending a lot of time focusing on my posture, and a nasty little habit that has formed in recent months, crossing my arms.  I do it while I am helping customers, I do it while I'm cooking, I even do it during low intensity cardio.  It is just comfortable.  Now, I know that someone concerned with body language would say I am trying to put up a wall around myself, it is said to be a way to protect or distance one from a stressful encounter.  But in reality, I have had a very awkward time figuring out what to do with my arms since I have lost weight, and that is what feels really natural to me.  Plus, it keeps me warmer too.  When I first started this job, I noticed that I was in the habit of putting my hands on my hips, something I had never done before losing weight, as it was difficult to even find them under the rolls of fat.  But, being aware of the body language, I changed that habit.  Now this with the arm folding.  It needs to stop, at least at work.  What a odd thing to not know what to do with ones arms! 
I have also been trying to figure out why my legs,knees, hips on each side feel totally different when I walk, that is a work-in-progress.
Yesterday when I woke up, I was actually startled at my reflection in the mirror.  My hips/lower abs looked flatter than I've ever seen them.  So much so, that I felt compelled to get out the measuring tape.  I have lost 1/4 inch off my hips since Dec 1!  The funny thing about that is, after being on track and adding more weight training back into the mix, I am a pound heavier!  So, I know I am losing fat and gaining muscle.  All good things.  Motivation due, in huge part, to the treadmill.  Just one more example of a good thing building upon itself. 
Hope you are all having a successful Wednesday!


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