Is That All You've Got?!

I stepped on the treadmill today, ready for all-out war.  Today was the day I tried the intimidating "advanced" level for the first time.  The diagram on the machine made it look like I would be sucking wind for the majority of the 20 minute program, with a slight cool down at the end.  I let the program choose my top speed, which is the same for every program, and about as fast as I can walk without holding onto something for balance.  As I got into it, I noticed the speed was lower than I expected, but there was a lot more incline work.  Don't get me wrong, it made me prespire and got my ticker cranked up, but I kept thinking, is that all you've got?  I was expecting to be a pool of sweaty defeat.  In jest, I said to myself, maybe they need another level, "professional obesity conquerer", perhaps.  In reality, it was a great workout, my heart felt really warm and good and I ended with a big smile on my face.  The mighty "advanced" level has been conquered.  Next time, I will crank up the speed to push me a little harder. 
One thing I was reminded of over the weekend, is the power of sugar-free gum.  Particularily the ones that taste like dessert.  My son put a piece in my mouth out of the blue, and I delighted in how sweet it was.  I already love to chew gum, so I will use it to fight off any stray sweet cravings that may crop up.  The one I have now tastes like strawberry shortcake.  Those cravings have been few and far between, but it's nice to have a weapon in my arsenal when they do. 
I start this day feeling nearly invincible, and realizing that it may have taken me a while to get back in stride, but I'm back baby! 
Have an awesome week everyone!


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