If You're Going Uphill...

Friday morning I discovered something.  Running on an incline doesn't hurt my knees or my hips.  Insert twinkle in my eyes and a slight brow raise.  I like running.  I feel like I want to run.  When I am done, I really feel like I've done something.  And the rest of the day, the muscles in my lower body affirm that I have indeed done something good.  My takeaway is, if you're going uphill anyway, you might just as well run.
The weekend was chock full of seemingly endless errands, my kids' holiday concert, my husband's photo shoot in Philidelphia (which, in itself, included lots of running around getting misc. items for said trip) and two trips to the airport.  I ate off plan 80% of the time, for no reason in particular, and didn't do a workout of any kind on Saturday.  By the time we were picking my husband up at the airport last night, my stomach was only halfway committed to the planned trip to our favorite restaurant.  We waited nearly an hour at the curb for him to locate his luggage.  During that time, there was a whole slew of emergency vehicles and news stations flooding the airport.  Apparently another plane had to make an emergency landing due to an engine problem.  Fortunately, everything went smoothly and everyone was fine.  But the minutes waiting for a response from my husband were nearly untollerable!
Dinner was late for me, after 9pm, and my body just wanted to shut down and go to sleep after treating it so badly all day.  But it meant a lot to my husband, who has been so calorie and carb depleated for the past month, for several photo shoots he has done.  My kids ended up with belly aches from eating too much, and despite only eating some chips with salsa and an ahi tuna wrap, I felt so full and bloated that all I wanted to do was get the kids to bed and do the same.  Sorry for the anti-climatic reunion, husband!
This morning, I felt as though I had to right some of the wrongs I did to my body, and had been planning to use the eliptical.  I haven't used one in years, and figured it would be kick me pretty nice, considering all the range of motion.  After about three minutes, the first interval switched and I found myself feeling like I wasn't going to get a good workout out of it, because it made my knee feel strange, and not good.  So I switched back to the treadmill and got in another 20 min interval of intense cardio with running.  It felt perfectly challenging, just the right amount of time between intervals, and my heart felt so warm and good.  My mood is always fantastic after running, too.  So, I know this is going to be a great day, and a great unofficial start to the week.  I had a really stressful week last week, my stress is still going to be there for me this week.  I didn't allow myself to let that be an excuse to comfort eat last week, and I will try to make the same true this week.  It seems like so many things in my life are not going smoothly right now, and things are total chaos, but the one thing that is working is my health.  Having to face these challenges in poor health would be a death sentence.  So, since it is the one thing I can control, I am going to take it and run with it.  Literally.  And while I'm running, I might just as well run uphill, as a big middle finger extended to my stress.  Man, I love that treadmill!
Happy new week everyone!


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