Caffeine is Like Air to Me

Both my doctors are out of the office again, so here I sit, all caffeinated with no one to sell glasses to.  It makes for a very self-indulgent day of catching up on my favorite blogs, writing my book, and maybe a few on-line crossword puzzles.   If my boss or any other supervisor caught me, I would at very least, be written up.  But I'm a rebel like that, I like to live dangerously.
Today began with me rubbing my eyes for about ten minutes, feeling like all the fluids had relocated to one side of my head, and feeling a bit of apathy for my sore muscles and strange-feeling joints.  My back and bicep workout yesterday has left me sore, and it is easy for me to mistake that feeling as being over-trained, but logically I know it has been weeks since I actually exerted myself on a good weight workout.  So I did the only logical thing, washed down a caffeine pill with a cup of coffee, and headed off to the cardio room to log 40 minutes of low-intensity cardio.  When I was done, I felt a little more awake, but by the time I was making lunches for my kids and dropping them at the bus stop, I was yawning.  So, a couple cans of Diet Coke later, I think I am finally feeling somewhat alert.  Not that I need to be today, afterall. 
In my optomistic character, I have taken a negative and turned it into something useful.  Lately I have to leave work to pick up/drive my kids to the baby sitter every day, which, while approved by my supervisor, isn't winning me any friends as I leave my department in the hands of someone from another position, with little experience in the field.  It causes me stress, as I have had some bad experiences with what sometimes waits for me when I return.  So I decided to help combat the stress I feel by intentionally parking my car at the tip-top of the parking ramp, so that not only do I have to walk down a bunch of stairs to get to my basement office, but at the end of the day, I have to climb back up them to get to my car.  I finally counted them, there are 51 stairs.  Down goes really smoothly, with the exception of my somewhat cranky knee, which feels much better than it did a few weeks ago.  Up really kicks my butt a little bit, making me breathe heavy and making my heart feel all warm as if I have just finished running.  I actually really like that feeling.  Then, I hit the brisk Wisconsin wind and it feels less brutal after climbing all those stairs.  I enjoy this little faux workout so much that I may start parking at the top in the mornings as well, that would afford me two trips each way.  While I am not deluded myself that this will actually aid in my weight loss, what it does do for me, is take away a little bit of my stress, and boost my energy.  Who knew such a small thing could be so great?
So, despite the inevitible snow on its way, I am happy to say that my cravings are gone, and I am in a very productive frame of mind.  So the snow and all it slippery intentions, can SUCK IT!  I am having a good day, and a great week!  Hope you can say the same!


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