What I Know

Here is a little bit of what I know.
1. If you are short, and your husband uses your vehicle, causing you to readjust the seat, it is not in your best interest to try and adjust said seat while driving up a hill.

2. There are occassions when the weather forecasters are wrong, and that's not always bad.  Staring at a yard full of green grass instead of a blanket of snow means I love this particular incidence of mistaken meteorology.

3.  If you live in Green Bay, grocery shopping on Sunday, just before "the game" starts, defies all logic and common sense.

4.  If you do decided to grocery shop on said occassions, you will nearly escape with your hide, as you are all but trampled by gassy eldery patrons who either can't see you coming or don't give a damn.  Instead of hand sanitizer, they ought to hand out gas masks and blinkers.  Maybe a free eye exam for anyone over the age of 70.

5. When I am on track, I am a force to be reckoned with!

Reining in my weekend felt fairly effortless, finally, this weekend.  I'm sure a lot has to do with the fact that my husband was around the whole weekend.  It has been a while since he hasn't had work of one sort or another booked.  Friday at work, I had a planned cheat meal from McDonalds, which was a burger and fries, and I tried the new candy cane Mc Flurry; it was just OK.  The burger was semi-cold and by the time I got a chance to eat the ice cream it was partly melted.  But I did it because my husband was leaning toward not having a cheat meal, and I wanted to make sure I didn't eat that sort of thing in front of him.  But, as the evening passed, we decided to go to our favorite restaurant, and I ate without abandon too.  Another, much higher quality burger with avocado and some steak fries.  I didn't even eat half my fries as I was full from chips and salsa and the burger.  I left the restaurant feeling so full, and vowing to let that be the last unproductive thing I ate for the weekend.
Yesterday, my mother-in-law  took the kids to help decorate her Christmas tree, and my husband met up with some of his friends, which left me a few hours to myself.  I could have gone somewhere to eat, but logic was on my side, and I ate my regular, clean meals as planned.  I shared with my husband that I felt bad about how lax I'd been on the weekends, and that I want to reign it in, and it helped hold me accountable.
Today, I feel so good already, without the sodium hangover, bloat and saggy/jiggly feeling.  I had the best weight and cardio workouts today, and am so amped up thinking about conquering the next level (advanced) on the treadmill tomorrow morning.  I am set for a productive week.  Now if only I could retrain myself to do the shopping on Saturday...
Have a great Monday readers!


  1. The restaurant meal sounds a much better cheat meal than a boring McDonalds. When you cheat at least make it worthwhile.

  2. So true, Tony! After the second one, I wished it had been the only. Best to save it for one really enjoyable meal.


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