Losing Weight is Fun

Ok, seriously?  This Christmas thing is about to drive me over the edge!  Work has been CA-RAZy(!) busy, with our employee 50% off sale, so busy that I can never get caught up with anything, so my office (which is visible from the sales floor, looks like a bomb went off.  On top of it, I have been getting serious glares of disapproval from coworkers and customers alike, due to having to leave to drive my kids to the sitter every day, which was approved by my boss, whom has now rescinded the approval due to coworkers complaints.  I am the only optician on staff most days, so it makes it quite challenging when I am not here.  So aside from the holiday madness I have added the extra stress of having to find a solution to our transportation issue.  The issue will officially be solved by the time the kids are done with winter break.  Whew!
I am still eating about 75% on-plan, which I realize isn't close enough to do me any good, but I believe being 75% on-plan is better than being 10% on plan, which is where I used to live.  I am still working out every week day, mostly cardio, but I have been consistent about adding the running intervals 1-2 times per week, and have been able to really challenge myself.  I have resigned myself to be being partly on-plan through the weekend, then once Christmas is over, I will do a week of ketogenic just to rid myself of the sugar beasties.  I should be starting the new year feeling pretty fresh.
An acquaintance/former coworker/occassional-current coworker came to say hello last week, and it turned out to be a really pleasant visit that may just go a long way toward staying strong in my resolve.  She walked the 5K that I ran last summer, and told me that she ran/walked a 5K last month, then signed up for one in May.  The Celcom marathon is one of Green Bay's biggest marathons, so many people sign up for it that the street is completely saturated and people are tripping over/elbowing each other.  But that is the full marathon.  I had no idea they added a 5K on a separate day.  She asked if I was running it, and I said I hadn't planned on it, but then I started thinking about it, and thought, why not?  And that was a bit of a pivital moment for me.  Running on a treadmill (on an incline) doesn't hurt my knees, and I have been working toward correcting my posture, so there may be no reason I can't run a 5K.  I never considered myself a runner, but I do like to run.  And I know I can do a 5K because I've done one before.  I may try the 0-5K thingamajig everyone's so fond of.  Now I am excited again.  I have a definitive goal.  And, considering the warmer temps in May, I might just have to get a cute pair of (gulp) running shorts for the event.  Perhaps when I get under 150 that will be my reward.  That is a goal that has been so ellusive for me as my resolve waxes and wanes. 
So, for right now, I am going to set a goal for myself.  Between Dec 26th and March 30, I want to get under 150.  And that means, to be solidly in the 140's.  That is totally accomplishable, I just need to dedicate myself to it and make it happen.  I can't imagine how I will look and feel once I get to the 140's and have less than 20 pounds left to lose!  Now I am all fired up,  I can't wait to make my dream happen!  Losing weight is fun, no matter what anyone says!


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