The Magical Power of New Nikes

Last week, I was eating so horribly that I had been planning on going back to a ketogenic diet after Christmas was over, but I have since changed my mind.  I will need the extra energy since I will be running.  So, I am just back to my normal clean diet, which consists of lean protein and whole-grain carbs and veggies, and a little bit of fruit.  My body has already responded positively, as I have lost 3 pounds of water since yesterday morning.  My maintainance weight is only a few pounds away, and I know I am still holding some excess water, so getting back to where I should be won't be too much of a struggle. 
It only took me eight years, but I finally went out and got some new running shoes yesterday!  They are Nike brand, like my last pair, but they are way more current, and the tremendous support they have feels amazing! 
I got a chance to try them on the treadmill this morning, but I didn't run in them yet.  I actually felt very sluggish this morning, and nearly fell back asleep after my alarm went off, something I never do.  The holidays have really worn me out, and my kids are coming down with some sort of headcold once again, so we are all a bit slow this week.  But I did get some nice low intensity cardio done this morning, and the new shoes made it feel like less of an effort.
I have been noticing that I am letting my posture slip a little bit, and I am feeling it in my knees and hips again.  I need to be more conscious of it more of the time in order for good posture to eventually become a habit.  My joints feel so much better when I support myself properly, I never knew it would make such a difference!
Depending on how I feel when I wake up tomorrow, I may try to log 2 miles running.  To see how it feels, particularily with the new shoes and proper support.  I am anxious to see if my knee can take it.  Despite my knee irritating me while running yesterday, it felt fine afterword, and even feels pain-free today.  So, maybe a 2 mile run tomorrow, followed by some low-intensity days and maybe I will try a 3.1 mile run on the weekend.  If I can do it on a treadmill, I can do it on the pavement.  I can do it without pain, I am going to sign up for that 5K on Monday.  Then, I will get into actual training for it, so I can reach toward my goal of finishing it in 30 minutes or less.  This challenge will do just that, challenge me.  I noticed I have a tendency to get in a rut with my cardio sessions, always opting for the same intensity for the same time period, pushing for a faster time or higher intensity can only benefit me, as long as it isn't high intensity every day.  Running is becoming like a badge for my weight loss success so far.  Knowing that I can do it, but not everyone can, fills me with a remarkable pride.  I haven't been able to say that about very many things in my life, so running is becoming a pretty special thing for me. 
And won't I look hot in my new black and magenta Nikes, especially when I get down to the 140's and reward myself with a new running outfit to match!  New shoes have a really magical power, don't they?
Well, have yourself a great day, readers!  I will report the results of the 2 mile tomorrow!


  1. Everyone gets themselves into a comfort zone with their training now and again, you just need to shake it up a bit. I've had a week of eating huge dinners and even drank a bottle of Christmas Ale that went out of date in 1998 so I need to break out the new Asics Cumoulus I bought last month.

  2. That's what Christmas is about, right? I will do some serious research into shoes before I invest in a new pair. I see an aweful lot of runners wearing Asics. Let me know what you think of the cumulus.


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